Meditation can be defined as the act of giving your attention to only one thing, as a way of becoming calm and relaxed. The meditations, the ‘practice of presence’ is a door. It is allowing ourselves to fully and directly connect with the present moment without being distracted by a stream of unwanted thinking. This is a twenty four hour a day practice. You do not need to sit cross legged on the floor or have any special conditions to Be. Like holding a butterfly, gently hold the intention of being silent and your energy will flow there. The four steps below are components that I have noticed when I am present. Qualities of Being and keys to finding a wholesome and satisfying state of being.

The mind has its place, its value and beauty. It’s a powerful servant that can create and shape our lives. We’ll look more deeply into this in another blog about Manifestation. Meanwhile, when the servant mind becomes the Master of our lives it can dominate our actions and behavior by filtering the reality of the moment with judgments, complaining and fear.

Here are the four basic and simple steps that serve as a solid guide to resting in natural peace, connecting with your Essential self.

1/ Acceptance

Just let go. The moment is as it is and acceptance is opening to what is there without resisting. Like slipping into a hot bath. There is a moment when everything is still and at peace. If thoughts are there then allow them, just decide to let them go like clouds passing in the sky. Allow your body to soften, to drop the subtle sense of resistence that may be there. There is nothing to do right now.

2/ Relaxation

The relaxation of the body follows like a shadow to acceptance. When attention to the thoughts is relaxed there is a feeling of spaciousness. Watch for the gaps between thoughts. Place your attention in the body, on your breath or listen to the sounds that are around you. Relax. Whatever is going on you will most likely respond more deeply and with more intelligence from a place of calm.

3/ Non- judgment

This important step is perhaps the most challenging. It causes us to face our prejudice, opinions and conditioning that we carry in our thoughts and attitudes. Let it go! By avoiding the habit of ‘labeling’ we see more clearly, colours are brighter and sounds sharper. You may notice when we start judging or feeling defensive, the body will tighten. Being aware is the door to being ‘here and now’, staying focused and present. Notice that as your body relaxes the mind will relax. Thought becomes a little more distant, like when you are falling asleep, the mind will start to wander. Allow it, just watch and remain free from engaging in the stories.

4/ Awareness

Take a conscious breath. Be present with whatsoever is occurring and observe. From a relaxed state of consciousness it is easier to be authentic, truthful and courageous.  Allow your next action to arise from that place. Be curious. Who am I? What is this consciousness that I am?

The practice of presence is for every moment. It will free you from over identification with the stories, the dramas that unfold in our daily lives. It still means being responsible, dealing with stuff but with more clarity and less panic. The centre of a tornado is still while the circumference is in chaos. Be the centre of the winds. Everything in daily live passes by yet the consciousness that we are is constant, always there. Connect to that and you will be empowered to ‘be your self’. You will be happier, have more energy and strengthened to face the challenges in life.

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