“… and then you meet it. Like a slipping into a hot bath… like a tender touch softly landing on your hands… a profound breath of freedom. 

Waiting in the gaps between the words. The Present Moment.”

Your Heart Speaks

2-minute session with Peter to connect to your hearts intuitionEnjoy todays short practice accompanied with the beautiful sound of the wind, which was gently blowing while we were recording, perhaps to enhance your meditation moment. ...

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Drop the Conditions

Join me for todays mini session to gently release the If-Then trap and ignite the spark of your manifestation throught the frequency of gratitude. Enjoy the video! With love,...

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An Emotional Speed Bump

Today we look at one of the techniques of how to create an important gap for yourself BEFORE you start reacting when you get triggered. Just to be clear here - I don’t imply that you should become a doormat when someone crosses your...

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