Active meditations

“Give your body freedom to express authentically – and stay open to what arises… “

Active Meditations

While practicing Active (movement) meditation we shift our awareness from the relentless stream of thoughts to our body and our inner centre. This process facilitates the release of any emotional and physical tensions so our mind can become still and relaxed.

Active meditations combine various movement techniques (such as dance, conscious movement, shaking, breathing) and stillness stages, which are accompanied by music and the guidance of a facilitator.

Benefits of active meditation: physical and emotional tension release, stress reduction, boost of the immune system, cardiovascular health benefits, improved focus, attention and concentration, relaxed mind and increased capacity to be in the present moment.

Duration: 1 hour

Guidance language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group Long-Term, Face-to-Face/online Contact:

About Veronika Kremenova

Veronika is an accredited counsellor and certified facilitator of Breathwork and Active meditations. She is a co-creator of The Drunken Monk Conscious Living project and a founder of @onlineretreats. She works as a trainer and counsellor and creates programs for personal growth groups and self awareness courses.

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Sessions language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group/in person/online



Professional Background:

2006-2011 Social Work (Master’s degree, Czech Rep)

2007-2008 Training in Crisis Intervention (acc. by Ministery of Work and Social Policy, Czech Rep.)

2017-2019 Breathwork and Person Centred Counselling, (Insight Formazione, Italy)

2019-2020 Counselling Skills Level 3 (acc. NCFE Cache, Ofqual Qualifications, UK)

2020 Group Therapy Manual I and II (Instep, Czech rep.)

2020 Active meditations facilitator (OSHO Centre, Czech Rep.)

2020 Coronavirus Primer (acc. BACP, UK)

2020 Online and Telephone Counselling (acc. NCS & ACTO, UK)

2021 TA 101 Transactional analysis (acc. CITA, Czech Rep.)

ongoing: Advanced Counselling Diploma Level 4 (acc. ABC & CERTA awards, UK)

Association membership: professional member of ACCPH UK (Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists)

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