“… and then you meet it. Like a slipping into a hot bath… like a tender touch softly landing on your hands… a profound breath of freedom. 

Waiting in the gaps between the words. The Present Moment.”


At this article, Jorien, the participant at the latest Enlightenment Intensive retreat, beautiful woman and very brave soul, shares her intimate experience from the journey. Lets see, if at the end of reading you'll feel the same as we did... kissed by something......

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Being “It”

I’m sitting in our little studio and thinking about how to start this article about "being (in) the present moment". Just a couple days ago we finished another retreat, so now it is easier than usual for me to just close my eyes and reconnect with "now"… but to...

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Ode to running

It's morning. I open my eyes and my first look flows out the window. “…Sunny?” My inner voice is more begging than asking while I'm looking outside. And real life answers immediately: "Not today, baby". Well, at least is not raining. ... "just a couple more minutes in...

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