“… and then you meet it. Like a slipping into a hot bath… like a tender touch softly landing on your hands… a profound breath of freedom. 

Waiting in the gaps between the words. The Present Moment.”

Gratitude Walk

Gratitude Walk

This inspiring article by lovely  Maeve Lankford changed my day yesterday. Instead of sitting at home with a cloud of thoughts above my head, I took her lead and went for a gratitude walk in nature. And what a shift in my mood! Sometimes we disconnect from our ability...

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I Am Learning to Trust…

I Am Learning to Trust…

Couple days ago me and Hayku were about to drive on a long trip (around 900 km)🛣️ . I was nervous about it and a friend of mine suggested that I should ask for protection from 'up there'. Well, even though I am usually a bit sceptical about these things, if you are...

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