This was suppose to be a professional invite for you guys to check out our new App. But as we are rubbish with the marketing, what came out is rather an Oscar nominated parody. 🙈 So, because it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get sophisticated info from the video, I will type it below. WHAT IS GUARANTEED, though, is a great doze of laughter with Dummer & Dummie (yeah, that’s us), esp. if you ** WAIT TILL THE END! ** Have fun! 😀

And now, finally, here are some details about the App (… watch the upcoming attempt of marketing… ) absolutely UNIQUE & ATTENTIVELY CURATED✨ The Drunken Monk App with the very best sessions and courses from us

  • Guided meditations, visualisations, conscious music (relaxing as well as dynamic)
  • over 60 recordings… and more is coming, as we type!
  • ongoing release of fresh content
  • choice of listening with or without background music
  • FREE session for each course (to get a taste before you subscribe!)
  • listen ONLINE or download for OFFLINE use

You can download the app HERE

We hope that you’ll enjoy it. We made it with love and we trust that it will become a warm, loving and supportive space for you in your day to day life.

Please, let us know your impressions or even suggestions, what else would you like to find there?! With love, P&V

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And now… take a break, relax and enjoy the recording!

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