The Art of Being Human is to live life in all its aspects, yet with awareness.

About The Drunken Monk

What is the Drunken Monk? The title comes from an ancient martial arts style called “The Drunken Monkey” where movements of the practitioner are very relaxed and appear humorous, as if he was drunk. At the same time he is perfectly aware of each movement and rooted in the Present Moment.

The Drunken Monk is about being spiritual, self aware and grounded yet with laughter, authenticity and an acceptance of our human nature in all its aspects.

The aim of this project is to provide a supportive environment with practical tools accompanying you on your journey to explore your natural essence. It is about the synthesis of consciousness and spirituality into the routine of daily life.

Much like the fertile soil nurturing a flower growing from a seed. In attentively cultivated earth a flower grows and blossoms according to its own nature.

Guided meditation

During the day, taking a few minutes to sit and meditate can bring you into the moment where you may find clarity, energy and a relaxation that is both empowering and expansive. The Drunken Monk invites you to listen the guided meditation recordings or to join his meditation sessions.

Enlightenment intensive

“Who am I? What is my true nature?” are fundamental questions of most human beings. Enlightenment Intensive is an effective and powerful process to produce a state of Being, completely present and free from the relentless stream of thoughts.

Conscious music

Surrounded by majestic mountains, overlooking a crystal clean lake, the recording studio of The Drunken Monk is situated. Mirroring the beauty of the nature, the authors’ Celtic roots and devotion to music, the songs are intended to become a warm companion on your side.

What’s new in meditation and music

Being “It”

I’m sitting in our little studio and thinking about how to start this article about "being (in) the present moment". Just a couple days ago we finished another retreat, so now it is easier than usual for me to just close my eyes and reconnect with "now"… but to...

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Ode to running

It's morning. I open my eyes and my first look flows out the window. “…Sunny?” My inner voice is more begging than asking while I'm looking outside. And real life answers immediately: "Not today, baby". Well, at least is not raining. ... "just a couple more minutes in...

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Upcoming events

  • 1.03.2020 - 6.03.2020

    6 Day Mandali Experience

    The Mandali Experience offers six days of guided meditation, open sessions and yoga at the beautiful Mandali Retreat Center in the mountains of northern Italy. The location is stunning over looking a crystal clear lake and surrounded by forests where...

  • 10.04.2020 - 13.04.2020

    4 Day Silent Mandali Experience

    Welcome to the Easter silent retreat. This unique opportunity means that guests for the Mandali Experience will be supported in a loving and silent space, allowing the opportunity to go deeply into stillness. The Mandali Experience offers four days o...

  • 19.04.2020 - 24.04.2020

    Enlightenment Intensive

      This process is for those who are passionate and have a deep commitment to Awakening. This is a direct knowing, the self-realisation of “who you are” and to understand your true purpose. The primary aim of this process is to crack open the...

What is Guided Meditation?

It is a type of meditation accompanied by a narrative of the meditation guide. The Drunken Monk provides guided meditation recordings as well as the residential workshops and private sessions. The narratives are focused on various life areas to accompany you in daily practice.

What is Enlightenment Intensive?

This residential retreat uses the enquiry sessions called Dyads that facilitate a physical, mental and spiritual detox. The technique is based on the deep contemplation of the question ‘Who am I?’ to explore what it is to completely connect with the Essential Self, free from social conditioning, restraints and our masks.

What is Conscious Music?

The Drunken Monk attentively produces music as a background for your meditation as well as dynamic tracks for dance, group sessions and conscious movement. Using specific methods such as soothing frequencies, sounds of nature, original melodies and engaging rhythms. Listen, download and enjoy these mystic sounds!

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