Counselling & Bodywork

“Within you, there is a wonderful space – a source of deep wisdom, a fountain which heals, a key to your fulfilment and wellbeing.   You already have everything you need. Just return ‘home’.”

Forms of Support

I believe that each person is a unique being, with the ability and tools within themselves to live a life that fulfills them, yet sometimes these has been forgotten. I provide counselling and various body work sessions so you can choose which tool fits best to your current needs.

My approach is holistically oriented – I believe that the positive and lasting change can happen when we invite our whole Being into the process –  our mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Counselling is a form of talking therapy that allows you to talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and supportive environment. Whether you are dealing with a challenging life situation, emotional distress or search for more clarity in your life, I will be delighted to accompany you in your process.

Active Meditations

Active (movement) meditations facilitate the release of any emotional and physical tensions, so your mind becomes still and relaxed. The practice combines various movement techniques (such as dance, conscious movement, shaking, breathing) and stillness stages, which are accompanied by music and the guidance.


Breathing is the source of your spiritual, mental and physical healing power, the bridge between the conscious and unconscious. Each Breathwork session is a unique self healing and self discovery journey to your Authentic Core.

Relaxation & Guided Imagery

Guided imagery (also known as guided visualisation) is a technique promoting a deep mental and physical relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety. Connect to your inner wisdom, creativity and natural resources!

About Veronika Kremenova

Veronika is an accredited counsellor and certified facilitator of Breathwork and Active meditations. She is a co-creator of The Drunken Monk Conscious Living project and a founder of @onlineretreats. She works as a trainer and counsellor and creates programs for personal growth groups and self awareness courses.

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Sessions language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group/in person/online



Professional Background:

2006-2011 Social Work (Master’s degree, Czech Rep)

2007-2008 Training in Crisis Intervention (acc. by Ministery of Work and Social Policy, Czech Rep.)

2017-2019 Breathwork and Person Centred Counselling, (Insight Formazione, Italy)

2019-2020 Counselling Skills Level 3 (acc. NCFE Cache, Ofqual Qualifications, UK)

2020 Group Therapy Manual I and II (Instep, Czech rep.)

2020 Active meditations facilitator (OSHO Centre, Czech Rep.)

2020 Coronavirus Primer (acc. BACP, UK)

2020 Online and Telephone Counselling (acc. NCS & ACTO, UK)

2021 TA 101 Transactional analysis (acc. CITA, Czech Rep.)

ongoing: Advanced Counselling Diploma Level 4 (acc. ABC & CERTA awards, UK)

Association membership: professional member of ACCPH UK (Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists)

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