Relaxation & Guided Imagery

“Allow each cell of your body to relax and soften… and connect to the healing world beyond…“


Relaxation & Guided Imagery

Guided imagery (also known as guided visualisation) is a very pleasant technique promoting a deep mental and physical relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety and connecting the practitioner to his/her inner wisdom, creativity and natural resources.

According to the clients needs I also combine a guided imagery together with breathwork and autogenic training elements.

Benefits: a deep physical relaxation, stress, pain and anxiety relief, sleep improvement, reduced depression symptoms, relaxed mind and increased capacity to be in the present moment, connection to inner (subconscious) resources.

Duration: 45 min

Sessions language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group Long-Term, Face-to-Face/online Contact:

About Veronika Kremenova

Veronika is an accredited counsellor and certified facilitator of Breathwork and Active meditations. She is a co-creator of The Drunken Monk Conscious Living project and a founder of @onlineretreats. She works as a trainer and counsellor and creates programs for personal growth groups and self awareness courses.

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Sessions language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group/in person/online



Professional Background:

2006-2011 Social Work (Master’s degree, Czech Rep)

2007-2008 Training in Crisis Intervention (acc. by Ministery of Work and Social Policy, Czech Rep.)

2017-2019 Breathwork and Person Centred Counselling, (Insight Formazione, Italy)

2019-2020 Counselling Skills Level 3 (acc. NCFE Cache, Ofqual Qualifications, UK)

2020 Group Therapy Manual I and II (Instep, Czech rep.)

2020 Active meditations facilitator (OSHO Centre, Czech Rep.)

2020 Coronavirus Primer (acc. BACP, UK)

2020 Online and Telephone Counselling (acc. NCS & ACTO, UK)

2021 TA 101 Transactional analysis (acc. CITA, Czech Rep.)

ongoing: Advanced Counselling Diploma Level 4 (acc. ABC & CERTA awards, UK)

Association membership: professional member of ACCPH UK (Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists)

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