About The Drunken Monk

By finding the space to be authentic and aware of your own unique path you are able to eliminate self-sabotaging habits.
Step by step, you experience satisfaction in the smallest of things through the practice of presence. To be ‘here and now’ in your natural and unique way.

This is the path of the Drunken Monk.

Four Fundamental Tools:

The Drunken Monk operates in four areas proved to be efficient in placing the attention from a relentless stream of thoughts onto the natural and authentic Self:

1. Guided Meditations

The meditation guidance as a fundamental approach in group, private sessions and in recorded meditations.

3. Conscious Music

Innovative music using healing sounds, vibrations and frequencies to support your Awakening process.

2. Enlightenment Intensive

The direct and highly efficient process to re-connect to your essential Self, answering the fundamental question ‘Who am I?’

4. Counselling & Bodywork

Highly efficient holistic tools to support you in your life situation and to maintain or re-establish your wellbeing.

About Peter Harper

Peter is an experienced spiritual guide with more than 35 years of experience in self discovery and spiritual guidance. He divides his time hosting Meditation and Self Awareness Retreats and Workshops in Europe and creating Guided Meditation and Conscious Music recordings. Peter is a founder of The Drunken Monk project connecting spirituality with daily life.

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Peter has been fascinated with understanding the meaning of life since he was a child, driving his scientist father crazy with an endless stream of questions. His early years were spent in Scotland developing a passion for creating music and exploring consciousness.

Peter spent many years training in different disciplines of personal development, such as Counseling, Reiki and Massage Therapy as well as developing an innovative and effective Guided Meditation practice using binaural sound. It is through his explorations and research that he has learnt to embody an understanding of the nature of consciousness.

Having examined many self discovery systems from Zen to the Qabalah it is the Enlightenment Intensive process of Charles Berner that he has come to value the most for its simplicity and efficiency. It has the direct and honest nature of Zen with a simple structure that is accessible to everyone, guiding the person straight to the point of her/his essential Self.

Peter currently lives in the Pre Alps of Northern Italy. He divides his time between  hosting retreats and meditations and his recording studio, where he produces Conscious Music and Guided Meditations.

His down to earth narrative and rich sense of Scottish humour embraces his approach and makes his guidance accessible for everyone.

About Veronika Kremenova

Veronika is an accredited counsellor and certified facilitator of Breathwork and Active meditations. She is a co-creator of The Drunken Monk Conscious Living project and a founder of @onlineretreats. She works as a trainer and counsellor and creates programs for personal growth groups and self awareness courses.

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Sessions language: English, Czech, Italian

Sessions form: private/group/in person/online

Contact: info@the-drunkenmonk.com


Professional Background:

2006-2011 Social Work (Master’s degree, Czech Rep)

2007-2008 Training in Crisis Intervention (acc. by Ministery of Work and Social Policy, Czech Rep.)

2017-2019 Breathwork and Person Centred Counselling, (Insight Formazione, Italy)

2019-2020 Counselling Skills Level 3 (acc. NCFE Cache, Ofqual Qualifications, UK)

2020 Group Therapy Manual I and II (Instep, Czech rep.)

2020 Active meditations facilitator (OSHO Centre, Czech Rep.)

2020 Coronavirus Primer (acc. BACP, UK)

2020 Online and Telephone Counselling (acc. NCS & ACTO, UK)

2021 TA 101 Transactional analysis (acc. CITA, Czech Rep.)

ongoing: Advanced Counselling Diploma Level 4 (acc. ABC & CERTA awards, UK)

Association membership: professional member of ACCPH UK (Accredited counsellors, coaches, psychotherapists and hypnotherapists)

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