About The Drunken Monk


By finding the space to be authentic and aware of your own unique path you are able to eliminate self-sabotaging habits.
Step by step, you experience satisfaction in the smallest of things through the practice of presence. To be ‘here and now’ in your natural and unique way.

This is the path of the Drunken Monk.

Three Fundamental Tools:

The Drunken Monk operates in three areas proved to be efficient in placing the attention from a restless stream of thoughts onto the natural and spontaneous Self:

1. Guided Meditations

The meditation guidance as a fundamental approach in group, private sessions and in recorded meditations.

2. Enlightenment Intensive

The direct ‘on point’ process to re-connect with your essential Self, answering the fundamental question ‘Who am I?’

3. Conscious Music

Innovative music using healing sounds, vibrations and frequencies to support your Awakening process.

Who is Peter Harper?

Peter has been fascinated with understanding the meaning of life since he was a child, driving his scientist father crazy with an endless stream of questions. His early years were spent in Scotland developing a passion for creating music and exploring consciousness.

It wasn’t until 1981 when he came across the teachings of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh that he started to find some direction to finding answers to the simple questions, ‘Who Am I?’, ‘Where do I come from?’, ‘Where am I going?’… and finally…‘Will it take long?!’

For seven years he lived in both Germany and India where he was able to follow a path to understanding his true nature through the practice of meditation and Western therapy. During this period he trained in Counseling, Reiki and Massage Therapy as well as developing an innovative and effective Guided Meditation practice using binaural sound and light to balance the alpha, beta, theta and delta waves of the brain. This was the start of his exploration into the vibrational power of sound, music and the nature of consciousness.

In 1987 while in Hamburg, Germany he started to explore the Western Mystery Tradition, curious as to how this Path compared to his favorite teachings from the East, especially those of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu.

For the next ten years he became dedicated to understanding the works of the Alchemists and particularly to the renowned Elizabethan Mage Dr. John Dee. In 1996 he was fortunate enough to be introduced to the famous researcher and librarian Adam McLean. This connection allowed him access to some of the rarest occult books from as far back as the 15th century.

Peter spent many years disseminating these teachings to surface the essence of the works and to create an accessible narrative for modern society. It is through his explorations and research that he developed an understanding of the nature of consciousness.

In the late 1990’s he gave acclaimed talks and workshops on the Western Mysteries to the Golden Dawn, The Theosophical Society and in 1997 at The Findhorn Foundation Western Mysteries Conference.

Over the years Peter has deepened his understanding of Self and been inspired from some of the best healers, teachers and therapists in the world including Barry Long, A.H. Almaas, Sagarpiya, Waduda, Rafia Morgan, Turiya Hanover, R.A Gilbert, Allan Armstrong and Eckhart Tolle.

Having examined many self discovery systems from Zen to the Qabalah it is the Enlightenment Intensive process of Charles Berner that he has come to value the most for its simplicity and efficiency. It has the direct and honest nature of Zen with a simple structure that is accessible to everyone, guiding the person straight to the point, which is to her/his essential Self.

For the past fifteen years he has been active in both participating and hosting Enlightenment Intensives in Italy, Germany, Scotland and Wales. It was in Wales when he worked with an Intensive Master Shivam O’Brien whose guidance and wisdom galvanized his commitment to the original structure created by Charles Berner.

Peter currently lives with his beloved partner in the Pre Alps of Northern Italy where he divides his time working at The Mandali Retreat Center and his recording studio where he produces Conscious Music and Guided Meditations. His learning and exploration continues as he continuously experiments to create sounds that enhance a state of wellbeing and ways to share ways to be in silence.

His down to earth narrative and rich sense of Scottish humour embrace his approach and makes his guidance accessible for everyone.

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