Enlightenment Intensive


“The primary aim of this process is to crack open the challenges that mask your true Self and to allow your essential nature to flow and bloom. “

What is Enlightenment Intensive?

Enlightenment intensive is a residential group retreat which takes a total of 5 days. The Intensive process itself is 3 days followed by days of integration and relaxation techniques.

This highly efficient self-discovery process was created by Charles Berner in the 1960’s. It uses a specific technique to accelerate spiritual development and personal growth to arrive directly to the Essential Self, free from conditioning and self-image structures.

It is the combination of the ancient self-inquiry meditation “Who am I” with Western communication techniques.

Participants are placed in a completely secure environment with no distractions.

The retreat is held in silence with the exception of the Dyads and Sharings. There are 10 to 12 Dyads a day. During the day there are five meals breaks, sessions for movement, rest, walking contemplations and meditation.

Enlightenment, also known as ‘Satori’ or ‘Awakening’, is a direct knowing, the self-realisation of “who you are” and understanding your true purpose.

What is a dyad?

Dyads are enquiry sessions that are held with two people. One listening in stillness the other communicating their direct experience of this moment in response to the question ‘Who am I?’ After five minutes the roles change.  This is repeated for 30 or 40 minutes and is followed by a break. It is encouraged to start the next Dyad with a new partner. The effect is stunning … each Dyad clears the mind of the day-to-day chitchat and gives space to authentic self to be. ‘To know the answer directly’ in the traditional practice of Zen this is known as a Satori … A glimpse of enlightenment or more simply: to realize your Self.

“I have tested this technique and I have compared it to other methods of enlightenment. This technique is about 50-100 times more rapid in producing enlightenment experiences than the classical techniques.”

Charles Berner

*It is recommended to refrain from caffeine, tobacco and sugar for a few days prior to the workshop. 

**Each Enlightenment Intensive date (choose the date in Events) contains a specific Agenda and Schedule. Please, read the file carefully to fully understand the commitment required to participate in this powerful process.

An example of a daily schedule:

Intensive process

Day 1-3

Morning (starts circa at 6:15hrs)

About 8 sessions comprising of:
4-5 Dyads
Working and Walking, Swimming contemplations

Afternoon (starts circa at 13:00hrs)

About 4 sessions comprising of:
2 Dyads
Sharing group
Resting time

Evening (starts circa at 18:00hrs)

About 3-4 sessions comprising of:
3 Dyads
Walking contemplation

*the program finishes max. at 22.30hrs

Integration process

The number of integration days depends on the length of the specific retreat.

Integration days. Resting time, Holistic exercise, sharing. A precious time to enjoy the sweet flowing moments.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner + tea and snacks breaks between sessions.
1 session takes approximately 30 – 45 minutes.
The detailed schedule with agenda is available as a downloadable file for each date in Events. 

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