The Guided Meditations


“Our mind is the servant not the master. It’s like fire; it can consume us, but when mastered, it will contribute to our well-being.”

The guidance in the meditations often serves as an accelerant to deepen the connection with Self. ‘Relaxation’, ‘Acceptance’, an ‘Attitude of Non-Judgement’ and placing the attention on the ‘Observer’ are simple yet efficient steps to reach a natural state of Awareness.

While following these functional steps, The Drunken Monk also uses the spontaneous narratives arising in the present moment. This effortless shift gives your meditation experience a quality of authenticity.


The Drunken Monk provides three options for Guided Meditation:

1. Guided Meditation Recordings

The meditation recordings are carefully composed to support placing your attention on the present moment, on the observer of the content of your experience. Recordings are accompanied by thematic guidance, authentic sounds and tones intensifying the whole process.

2. Residential Workshops and Retreats

A Meditation retreat is an opportunity to de-couple from the demands of daily life and enjoy a space dedicated to yourself and your journey of self-discovery. A supportive environment, authentic guided meditation sessions as well the group dynamics accelerate the whole process.

3. Private Sessions

One to one sessions serve as bespoke meditation guidance as well as a confidential and safe space for authentic sharing and self-expression. Sessions are held via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp or in person after an agreement has been made. Click below to ask for availability.

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