The practice of “What is alive in me right now” is a potent self-inquiry technique that serves as a profound self-check-in. It’s perfectly suited for maintaining regular mind-body-emotional hygiene. This technique effectively grounds you in the present moment, fostering a deep connection with your authentic self on the levels of body, mind, and emotions. Its purpose lies in restoring balance, releasing emotional tensions stored within your body and creating an inner space that allows for a more profound understanding of your current situation. This understanding can then guide you towards the most suitable next steps on your journey.

** The Practice of Self-Inquiry **

The self-inquiry technique draws inspiration from the Enlightenment Intensive, a transformative process that centers around connecting with your essential self, unburdened by societal masks and conditioning. This unique group retreat facilitates a spiritual enlightenment experience (known as satori) within a relatively short span of time.

By engaging with the self-inquiry question “Who am I?” this process cracks open the barriers of habitual thinking and emotional patterns that obscure your True Self. This liberates your innate essence, allowing it to emerge and flourish.

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