Q & A Miniseries with Peter Harper about the mysterious, challenging and highly efficient Enlightenment Intensive Retreat – a journey to your True Self.

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Why Do You Guide the EI Retreats?

Why Is The EI So Unique?

No Phones, No Mirrors. Why?

What is the Pressure Cooker Effect?

More details: https://enlightenment-intensive.com/

✨ About the EI Process

The Enlightenment Intensive (also known as ‘Satori’ or ‘Who is in?’) is a unique retreat enabling a spiritual enlightenment experience within a short time. This fascinating process cracks open the thinking and emotional patterns that mask your True Self and allows your Essential nature to be revealed.

✨ The Essence

Essence is the highest aspect of oneself that remains consistently present throughout all changes in life. It is the most authentic, resourceful, and gracious version of oneself in its total purity. Knowing one’s essential nature is a direct path to joy, happiness, and inner peace, which we all long for.

✨ About Peter

Harper Peter is a master guide of the Enlightenment Intensive retreats with more than 30 years of experience. Together with his team of facilitators, he holds the EI retreats in Europe, mainly Italy and the Netherlands. You can read more about Peter HERE.

✅ For more details about the process, venues, and upcoming dates, visit https://enlightenment-intensive.com/

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