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24.10.2020 - 25.10.2020


Dear Friends, we are happy to announce a new upcoming Autumn virtual retreat! We’ve teamed up with Fleek retreats, our dear friends and neighbours ‘just over the hill’ here in Italy. Really looking forward to seeing you there and enjoying a nice time together! All details about the program, introduction of all the lovely teachers and tickets via FLEEK RETREATS.

With love, Peter and Vero




We are proud to present The Virtual Fleekend from 24th – 25th October.

Everybody has the potential to find their fleek, but most people don’t know where to start.


What is a Virtual Fleekend?

The Fleekend brings all the very best elements from our Signature Slow Living Retreats ONLINE. You get all the feels of being on a Fleek Retreat, straight to the comfort of your own home.


How Does it Work?

At the Fleekend you will unlock your inner Fleek with six unforgettable and interactive sessions. Join in or follow along with our hosts live as they bring the retreat to you! Each session has been carefully curated to create the Ultimate Slow Living Experience. Our Fleek team of experts will be on hand every step of the way to guide and support you on your journey to Finding Your Fleek.


Why do I need to start Slow Living?

The Slow Food Movement began in Italy in the 1980’s in protest to the large number of fast food outlets popping up in the country. Over the next few decades as life sped up many people chose to retaliate against this unsustainable way of living and this saw the birth of the Slow Fashion Industry, Slow Travel and more recently Slow Cities. The Slow Living Movement aims to address the overriding issue of ‘time poverty’ frequently experienced in modern society, thus bringing all these elements together.

Slow Living about having a more conscious, mindful and sustainable approach to everyday life, but what does that mean for us? When we slow down we are able to think clearly and we make more meaningful and balanced choices. Slow Living enables us to live a more fulfilling life. It’s no surprise that Italy (where our Signature Retreats take place and the heart of everything slow) is also home to one of the worlds few Blue Zones. Blue Zones are regions of the world where evidence thus far shows people live much longer than average.

Slow Living is about being present in the moment, in order to live a life which is rich and full, as opposed to busy and frantic. It is about creating opportunities to disconnect and do more things that make you truly happy. Slow living isn’t about doing things slowly, it’s about gaining time to do the things that are most important to you.


How will the Fleekend start me on my journey to Slow Living?

On Saturday you will take a step back as you relax, reflect, and recharge your body, mind and spirit. Start the day by practicing various breathing techniques with qualified Breathworker, Veronika Kremenova. These practices will release emotional and physical tensions, help you find balance, and awaken your creativity. After a break for lunch, find stillness in the grounding presence of Drunken Monk Peter Harper. Peter will guide you to understand how to be comfortable in yourself, whilst discovering who you truly are and what you want. The day will finish with you feeling fully aware of each moment through The Practice of Presence, a guided meditation lead by Peter and supported with distance reiki healing by Reiki Master, Jane French.

The combination of the deep breath and the soft movements opens up the way to mindfulness, keeping you in the present moment. Empower your mind, body and soul to reconnect with Anja’s beautiful practice. A perfect start to the day to quieten the mind and create a positive mindset for the day ahead.

On Sunday, it’s time to reconnect with who you are, restore your energy and relight your fire for life! The morning begins with you finding your Fleek Flow with yoga teacher Anja Kyago. Building on the mind-body connection you made on Saturday, follow her practice as she guides you to slow down your whole nervous system creating harmony between your body, mind, emotions, and spirit. After your morning yoga, you will take your first step into Slow Living with Catalyst Coach Jane French and inspiring Slow Living business owner Carolene Méli. They will teach you how to channel your energy effectively, build personal barriers to expel negative energy from your life and finally how to implement change mindfully so you can stop saying “I don’t have the time” and start saying “Yes I’ve can do this!”.


“Our weekend retreat is designed to help you take stock, find your happy and move forward with fresh purpose. Step back and step into Slow Living.”


Book your tickets now as we are expecting to SELL OUT!




Find Your Fleek Flow

“Our weekend retreat is designed to help you take stock, find your happy and move forward with fresh purpose. Step back and step into Slow Living.”

On this retreat you will:

  • Learn how to manage those fight, flight and daily ‘freak out’ moments
  • Discover the authentic you
  • Align your values and your vision
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Meet amazing people
  • Take your first step to Slow Living

 This Fleekend will leave you feeling:

  • Empowered
  • Confident
  • Balanced 
  • Inspired
  • Fleek!




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