Zen Self Enquiry, Meditation & Holistic Detox workshop to reconnect to your Essence. Inspired by the Enlightenment Intensive process.

Date: 10/6, online.


** About **

“Have you ever wondered who you are without all your stories? What is your Essential Nature? And what is your authentic purpose?”

Join me on a wonderful journey of self discovery and connect closer to your Authentic Self. We are bringing you a unique 1 day online workshop based on the famous Enlightenment Intensive process. Through Zen Self Enquiry, Movement, Detox, Meditation and practical exercises you will focus on reconnecting to your Essential Nature, the source of your inspiration, creativity and intuition… your inner home. Use this opportunity to dive deeper and flower in a safe and supporting space. I very much looking forward to welcoming you there!

With love, Peter

** This workshop is perfect for you, if you **

… are curious who are you born to be – what is your authentic essence without learned masks and conditionings

… want to find a way out of spiral thinking

… wish to process and release difficult emotions in a safe and protected space

… want to remove the barriers which block your creative flow

… were thinking about joining the Enlightenment Intensive retreat but first you want to get a taste of what this process is about

… are already experienced in Enlightenment Intensive and wish to refresh and ground your practice

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