Mandali Experience


“Virgin nature embracing the Soul… the lights of the candles silently calling to the meditation… yoga caressing each cell of the body… and you meeting your Self.”

The Mandali Experience offers three, five, or six days of guided meditation, open sessions and yoga at the beautiful Mandali Retreat Center in the mountains of northern Italy.  The location is stunning over looking a crystal clear lake and surrounded by forests where you can enjoy being in nature and breathing clean mountain air. The delicious food is organic vegan / vegetarian and the facilities includes a body care center with a variety of massage treatments, a pool, sauna and an outside jacuzzi.

The first day of the retreat starts with a Welcome meeting to orientate guests to the intention of the retreat. The atmosphere is relaxed and guests are invited to enjoy a program that suits their personal needs. Between the sessions there is ample time to enjoy their own space and to enjoy the opportunity switch off their phone and to be released from the demands of day to day life. 

There are two meditation sessions that focus on the Practice of Presence. One in the morning and the second in the evening. The sessions are ideal for advanced and beginners alike, focusing on strengthening the ability to be in a state of relaxed awareness every moment.

The morning Yoga class is active focusing on invigorating styles while the afternoon yoga session is mostly the restorative and relaxing Yin yoga. Both classes accommodate both beginners and seasoned practitioners in a playful and open atmosphere. 

There is an afternoon sharing circle that invites guest to engage in self enquiry and open sharing to expose and explore personal issues in a relaxed and non intrusive atmosphere. 

In Mandali there are areas that are dedicated to silence, such as the cosy and comfortable library connected to a spacious outside terrace. After the morning meditation, breakfast is in social silence allowing guests to rest in their selves free from the need to engage in conversation.

Altogether the Mandali Experience is a refreshing dive into the core of your Being hosted in one of the most exquisite retreat centres in Europe.


*To emphasize the deepening effect is recommended to follow all suggested sessions.

**The schedule might slightly change according the group dynamic and needs.

An example of a daily schedule:


Morning Meditation


Free time – To enjoy your own rhythm

Yoga Practice


Free time – To enjoy your own rhythm

Self Enquiry and Sharing Circle

Yoga Practice


Evening Meditation


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