Meditation helps to step away from the situation, to centre our Self and relax. However, we still need to be able to deal with the situation! That’s why I am using The Practice of Presence. It is about being aware of Who am I?, what is my authentic Self, my truth in this current moment. It’s learning how to be more resourced. From where do I respond to the situation?

A powerful way to recognise your Authentic Self without any social masks and conditionings is an process called the Enlightenment Intensive. It is a combination of an ancient zen self-inquiry meditation combined with Western communication techniques called “dyads”. The process facilitates a direct reconnection to the Authentic Self free from any conditioning.

The Practice of Presence is a method to apply this concept into our daily and working life so the practitioner can respond to any situation from the space of authenticity and relaxed awareness of the body, mind and emotions. Responding from this space is much more effective, clear and productive than reacting from the conditioned mind.

The Practice of Presence is core to my guidance in workshops, retreats and individual sessions. I connect this method together with the meditation (Mindfulness) and various conscious body movement disciplines.

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