Dear Meditation tribe,

We cannot believe it’s been 1 year since we brought our work online! 😍 The main idea was to support you when the pandemic kicked off and to bring some peaceful moments into your homes (physical and your inner home). 

For us it has been a journey full of learning (oh, the technology!), stepping out of our comfort zones (especially the shyness, haha) as well as a great opportunity to lovingly connect with you and to create new collaborations when the whole holistic world came together to help humanity. 

We also discovered hidden abilities: Peter pulled the broomstick out of his arse and allowed his hilarious Scottish heritage to take over (as you can see in the outtakes video). Veronika bravely jumped into the wild social media world and conquered video production (yet she still remains a bambi in front of head lights when it comes to stepping before the camera, immediately forgetting her name or the language 🤣).

And here we are – 1 year later, with the meditation tribe beautifully growing and expanding…

This new online adventure would not be possible without you-  your open hearts and courage to be vulnerable have been the main source of our motivation to overcome obstacles and it keeps us going. 💗

Thank you for being with us, thank you for being You. We promise, that we will continue to bring peaceful moments into your lives. 

With love, Peter and Vero

▶️ P. S. Enjoy the full video, it includes funny outtakes from our meditations (starts from 1.06 min of the video) . Hope that you will laugh as much as we have! 😅

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