A Hero’s Journey with Guided Meditations and Conscious Movement to find your best friend within.

Online course 12-16/12 2022 with Peter and Steph Strauss.



Embark with us on a journey to meet the most precious Being in your life – Your Authentic Self; your best friend, loving guide and the source of joy and fulfilment! Enter this soothing adventure to discover the magical lands deep within you, which are the pillars for creating the life you’d love to live!

This unique course has been designed for you to go beyond the usual way of experience – to welcome and learn to love ALL PARTS of you – even the messy ones.

Loving all of your humanness allows you to enter the highest state of your true essence, the joyous, loving and blossoming being, to fully experience its free flowing aliveness and creativity.

Each session will guide you, with a metaphorical treasure map, to one of the precious aspects of yourself, to connect to your authenticity and to fully embrace yourself in your uniqueness.With the unique combination of The RSI Method (conscious movement) and Practice of Presence ( guided meditations), you will be fully supported step by step to embody the process of becoming your own best friend … to realize that you are never alone. You are always loved… guided… and supported.

Come join us to meet your best friend within more intimately. Let your soul guide you on each step of the wonderful adventure called life. Your hero’s journey is just the beginning and we are wholeheartedly looking forward to embarking on it with you.

With love, Peter & Steph


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