Conscious Corporate Training


“… even a tiny flap of a butterflies wing can have an enormous impact on the whole world…” 

The benefits of bringing consciousness and awareness into the working environment are countless. There is an increase in creativity, a reduction in stress, focus enhancement, easier communication and collaboration between members.

Our approach 

We believe in the “butterfly effect” and that everything is interconnected. Even a small positive change on an individual level has a huge impact on the wellbeing of the whole organisation. A healthy and productive environment supports a sense of belonging towards the corporate culture. The acceptance of the Self favors an air of respect and fair play that encourages a positive dynamic in the team.


Our methods can be applied to any thematic program and are easy to implement from small business to major Corporations.

Our goal is to enhance the capacity of practitioners “to balance and ground themselves in a place of conscious awareness, even in the market place”.

We tailor our programs according to the needs and dynamic of each company. The core of our work is the Practice of Presence, which has been inspired by the Enlightenment Intensive process created by Charles Berner.

It is a combination of an ancient zen self-inquiry meditation combined with Western communication techniques called “dyads”. The process facilitates a direct reconnection to the Authentic Self free from any conditioning.

The Practice of Presence applies the concept into working life so the practitioner can respond to any situation from the space of authenticity and relaxed awareness of the body, mind and emotions. Responding from this space is much more effective, clear and productive than reacting from the conditioned mind.

Meditation helps to step away from the situation, to centre our Self and relax. However, we still need to be able to deal with the situation! That’s why I am using The Practice of Presence. It is about being aware of Who am I? authentically in this current moment so I can respond to the situation from a space of awareness.


 We follow a holistic approach, using various techniques such as:

Self Enquiry, Meditation (mindfullness), body scan, grounding, NLP, Psycho spiritual dynamics, soft skills, immediate relaxations, conscious movement, body-movement exercises (derived from Chi Kung and Breathwork), active meditations and other conscious movement disciplines.

And of course… a sense of humour! This is one of the best tools for grounding in the Present Moment!


Thematic areas


We tailor our programs according to the needs and dynamics of each group. Some examples of thematic areas:

 Mindful Leadership

Belonging (to the company culture)

Dealing with addiction from a space of Awareness

Emotional Intelligence and Acceptance

Empathic Communication

Stress Management

Cultivating Conscious Relationships with Customers, Clients and Colleagues

Pillars of Challenge

Who am I? What is my Purpose?

Connect, Collaborate, Create

Meditation and Grounding in the Workplace

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Learn more about Peters approach and the subtle difference between the Practice of Presence and meditation:

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