When a baby tries to make the first few steps, after she’s fallen down a couple of times, she does not say: “That’s it, I am just not meant to be a walker.” When you fall in love with someone and the relationship ends, you don’t say to yourself: “I am done with love”.

Whatsoever you would like to achieve… whatsoever you wish to have, create or experience in your life… DON’T GIVE UP just because you cannot see the desired outcome straight away. And rather than hoping that something will happen, embrace the art of certainty. Connect with the feeling that you KNOW somewhere down deep within you, that it will happen. Maybe you don’t know exactly how yet. It’s okay. Just walk the path. Try again tomorrow. Search for new ways how to make your hearts desire a reality. Stay relaxed, yet persistent.

And maybe somewhere on the way you may notice, that you are truly enjoying the process itself … of following your path. Your calling. Your light.

With love, Peter & Vero

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