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5.10.2020 - 7.11.2020


A unique online meditation course enhanced with thematic narratives to support your ability to step into your inner peace at any time.


Meditation is a gateway to your unique Self, the still and peaceful centre in the hurricane of the relentless stream of thoughts and stories. It’s the natural source of your inner peace, wisdom, energy, creativity and joy which is your authentic nature.

Self realisation has been described as a journey that takes us deep within ourselves to uncover these unique and divine characteristics. The Path to Self Realisation is a journey to every corner of your Being, to know who you are, your true purpose and to find the many treasures that lie within you.

In this course, you’ll step into the wonderful journey of an exceptional meditation practice enhanced by the unique narrative and guidance of our Path to Self Realisation program.

In each session Peter will guide you with his rich and comforting voice, to explore various life themes to accompany you on this special journey. The narrative will be grounded in the Practice of Presence approach, a gentle, simple, yet effective guidance into the here and now. You will enhance your ability to be present, grounded, relaxed and empowered at any time, anywhere you are and whatsoever you are doing.

Because the meditation practice does not finish with the ring of a bell at the end of the session. Your practice is 24 hours a day, every day, until the practice reveals your true nature, your authentic Self.


This course will bring you:

  • A deeper grounding in your capacity to be fully present in the moment
  • Better connection to your body, intuition, emotions and spirit, relaxed mind
  • More energy, flowering creativity and better focus
  • More relaxation, less stress and anxiety
  • A connection to your life purpose
  • An ability to deal with life challenges from a place of relaxed presence
  • Guidance on the process of Manifestation
  • An enhanced ability to step into a meditative space at any time during your day



You are warmly invited to join us on this wonderful journey of your self fulfilment. There will be 4 classes per week, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Each week will focus on a specific theme. Each session will be recorded and available to view after the meditation for 48 hours. You are invited to join the full 21 day course, weekly classes or even single meditations.

Morning sessions (7:00 to 7:45am CET)

Meditating at the start of the day can bring many benefits to your health and wellbeing. It supports you to set yourself up for the day ahead, whatever that may be. If you can get into a daily morning practice, even for couple minutes, you will be surprised at how much calmer, focused, energised and creative you feel in your day.

Evening sessions (19:00 to 19:45 CET)

Closing the day with the meditation is the best way to relax after your working day and process any challenges it may bring. It supports you to come back to yourself, to re-center, revitalise and get new insights. Evening meditation also improves the quality of your sleep, so you feel more rested for the coming day.

*In your ‘free’ days, we highly recommend to practice on your own, to build your routine and discover which elements of the training work for you.

There will be an extra Closing Circle (free of charge) held on Saturday 7th Nov at 10:30 am CET (1 hour).



The session times are CET and are the same for each week.

There will be an extra Closing Circle (free of charge) held on Saturday 7th Nov at 10:30 am CET (1 hour).


Peter Harper

Peter is an experienced spiritual guide with more than 35 years of experience in self discovery and spiritual guidance. He divides his time hosting Meditation and Self Awareness Retreats and Workshops in Europe and creating Guided Meditation and Conscious Music recordings.

Peter is a founder of The Drunken Monk project connecting spirituality with daily life, using tools such as guided meditation recordings, Enlightenment Intensive process, Self Awareness retreats and workshops.

“Above the clouds of the mind, there is a clear blue sky. I will meet you there…” Peter



A solid grounding into the practice of being present in every moment. Being present means being in ‘Flow’. Here we learn how to fully connect to the body, relax the mind and enjoy resting in your natural peace. Being the centre of the cyclone.

1/ Introduction and Foundations – The Keys to Being Present

2/ Relaxation – Grounded body, clear mind, being in flow

3/ Acceptance – surrender – trust

4/ Thoughts – observation – understanding – insight


An open heart allows us to heal, to be inspired and to lift our energy to a higher and more empowered vibration. It is the key to opening the mysteries of our Being.

1/ The Open Heart : The Center of Transformation.

2/ Knowing Right Action : Intuition and Guidance

3/ The Healing Heart : Listening to your deepest needs

4/ Healing the past : forgiveness and release


Life is challenging and this weeks focus is bringing awareness into the areas of life where we are faced with these ‘opportunities’ to transcend our limitations and limiting self beliefs.

1/ The Areas of Challenge : Home – health – work – money – relationships

2/ Self enquiry : Relaxing the mind through understanding

3/ Boundaries : Owning your space

4/ Emotions : Keeping our system in balance


In the final week you will learn the basic known keys to the process of manifestation. The sessions will focus on how to reveal and open the unfoldment of your life purpose. What engages and energises you? What is alive in you? What is your purpose, your hearts desire?

1/ Creative Awakening : A manifestation practice.

2/ The solar plexus : Personal Power

3/ Setting Intentions : What is my purpose?

4/ Inner guidance : The Intuitive Self


In the final week we will explore meditation techniques to use in everyday life. This will help to deepen your practice and understanding of the previous sessions. Additionally there will be space to ask questions.


Suitable for all – new to meditation, intermediate and experienced.

All sessions will be approx. 45 mins long.

Each session will be recorded and available to view after the meditation for 48 hours, so even if sometimes you cannot join live, you’ll not miss a thing!

Make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. You may wish to enhance your environment, light a candle, have background music ready to play when we are meditating, hold a crystal, diffuse some essential oil, or set the mood in any way you would like.

Please access your link to zoom 5 mins before so we are ready to start on time.


If you would like to attend a session you can click on the preferred package below or register at top of this page to book the whole 21 meditations. Once the above is completed you will be sent a confirmation email that will include links to the sessions.

To access the full course, please, use the BOOK NOW button on top of this page.

*For weekly pass/single classes please, email us via info@the-drunkenmonk.com.


FULL PACKAGE (21 sessions) EARLY BIRD PRICE (till 20/9/20): 83€




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