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Creative Awakening workshop 3: I Express (free)



Creative Awakening workshop 3: I Express


Workshop 3: Creative Awakening: I Express

During this workshop we will focus on the throat chakra and learn what we will notice about ourselves as we become a being of light and how to express ourselves. As the center of communication and creativity, the throat chakra allows us to express who we are but also listen deeply to others.

When our throat chakra is balanced, it gives us the ability to be inspired, project our ideas, and align our vision with reality. We will discover:

  • How do we get into flow when we have creative blocks
  • How do we build our self-esteem so we see that we are already enough and try less and be more in the creative process
  • How to optimise our flow exploring what works and does not work for us



About Creative Awakening workshops


• Is there an unexplored part of you that longs to write, sing, paint, start a new business or just step into a future with new possibilities?

• Or do you feel the road between you and your creativity has become congested with fear, judgement and/or self-sabotage?

In this series of four FREE Online workshops with The Drunken Monk we explore how our current global crisis gives us the opportunity to reset our course, reinvent, recalibrate our circumstances, and establish a new trajectory. Our dreams are not on hold during this pandemic, they are growing momentum and gathering and in this creative awakening course we explore how to align our passions and core competences to create work that makes us feel alive, inspired and purposeful. These are the defining moments when we need to draw a line between everything that’s ever happened and everything that will happen.

Creative Awakening Programme Overview:

In this programme we explore how we are all creative beings with our lives becoming our work of art. When we are clear about who we are and what we are doing, our energy flows freely and we create our most authentic work. Each workshop can be attended individually but we recommend attending all four and through the programme we will explore:

• How our thoughts and beliefs of the past have created the harmony of our lives today.

• Our essence as the creative SOURCE in our life.

• Being aligned with our purpose and find satisfaction in what we do.


Who should attend these workshops? Aspiring creatives, musicians, painters, writers, entrepreneurs and anyone with an idea that they wish to create something that aligns their passion and core competences and bring to life their creative purpose.

You can attend each session separately but we encourage you to attend all workshops as topics will feed into each other

Post these workshops will be a series of practical hands on sessions for attendees on designing a business model, researching needs of customers, building a brand identity and launching their creative project online.


All Dates and Links


(all dates are in May)

Time: 18-20 CET
Each workshop can be attended individually but to get deeper in the process we recommend you to attend all parts.

Practical info

The retreat will be held on Zoom. Please, make sure you have a sufficient and stable internet connection and we recommend to use a laptop or desktop computer (for some reason phones or tablets are sometimes not supported by Zoom).

By confirming your participation you are allowing us to send you a confirmation email and occasional inspirations. You can always unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails.

In case you want to give something back…

First, thank you so much. We are not setting any fixed price, as we want to allow anyone to benefit, enjoy and get some support, which we perceive, especially in these times, is so important.

At the same time we are really thankful for any contribution, as it helps us to keep going and continue running these open workshops.

So in case you’d like to support The Drunken Monk, just click at the DONATION button at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

Your Guides

Mia Jafari – Chief Yogipreneur

Mia is the founder of Yogipreneurs which uses the principles of yoga and spirituality to build a new age of entrepreneurship by disrupting the mechanical beliefs and practices of normative business. Working with a dynamic and diverse team Mia uses mindfulness, playfulness and connectivity of our surroundings to ignite and enhance creativity, collectiveness and new learnings. Through combining how the head thinks, how the heart feels and how the hand acts Yogipreneurship takes the four dimensions of our being: mind, body, emotion and spirit to ignite and grow creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Mia is also the incubator manager of Intelak, which led by the Emirates Group and Dubai Tourism is the leading aviation, travel and tourism startup platform in the region.

Mia is also a designer and her work can be found at www.miajafari.com

About Peter Harper aka The Drunken Monk

What is the Drunken Monk? The title comes from an ancient martial arts style called “The Drunken Monkey” where movements of the practitioner are very relaxed and appear humorous, as if he was drunk. At the same time he is perfectly aware of each movement and rooted in the Present Moment.

The Drunken Monk is about being spiritual, self aware and grounded yet with laughter, authenticity and an acceptance of our human nature in all its aspects.

The aim of this project is to provide a supportive environment with practical tools accompanying you on your journey to explore your natural essence. It is about the synthesis of consciousness and spirituality into the routine of daily life.

Much like the fertile soil nurturing a flower growing from a seed. In attentively cultivated earth a flower grows and blossoms according to its own nature.

Peter’s conscious music can be found here.



Suggested reading pre-workshop:

Being “It”

From Ego to Essence

Being Creative (even with shitty tasks)




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