Many if us are enjoying Eckharts course on Conscious Manifestation. I signed up wondering, what would Mr Tolle say about creating stuff when he primarily teaches about Being?  As soon as it started I dived in and after four weeks I find myself observing positive events unfold, opportunities manifest and coincidences occur, .. all as if by magic!!

(Mrs Monk is now laughing and asking me “…are you sure you are not working as a sales rep for Eckhart? And by the way, where is my visualised doggie then?!”…)

I’ve always been a ‘go with the flow’, kinda’ guy. I’d wake up in the morning, smile and feel, ‘What does life want to do today?’ It became my mantra and mostly I’ve been cruising down the river of life … a spiritual nomad, floating from one job and country to another.

Suddenly the hippie approach wasn’t working…

Then whack! The past year I’ve been challenged directly in every way possible. Remember the Five Pillars of Challenge? Home, Work, Money, Relationships, Health. I got sucker punched in each one! Holy Fuck! … was I pushed into a dark space or what! The chilled out, let it flow hippie approach wasn’t working anymore. No ground, not easy and definitely provoking.

As much as I could, I chose to observe, be present.

As much as I could, I chose to observe, be present.

What these challenges provoked was emotion. Anger, frustration and complaining. All manifestations of ego. All unpleasant, and all counter productive. Yet, it pushed me into the moment, more deeply than ever before.

I found a sharpness, a clarity and a stillness. Either that or just suffering …As much as I could, I chose to observe, be present.

Whenever the emotions crept in I would find a way to re center myself. Moving, breathing, connecting with the body. This way I could feel the emotions, give them space and express them. And that was important! To acknowledge in myself the manifestation of ego, provoked by challenges and transformed through observation, understanding and insight.

So what now? Are there still challenges? Hell yeah!! But I shifted something … actually no, let me rephrase that. Something shifted.

Where it goes, I can only imagine

I have found a deeper sense of enjoyment in what I do. I’ve recognised my reluctance to participate in the ‘nasty’ world (ego) and have a found a rooted and more powerful stance in each moment and with each activity (essence).

And that place is opening doors I never dreamed of. Where it goes, I can only imagine … and I do enjoy the imagination.

I’ve always been open and inviting life to manifest through me. My vision has always been about a spiritual life style, living and working in a healthy conscious environment. I know many share this vision and right now I feel it actualising, becoming solid and real.

I walked through a dark night and I’m grateful. I’m alive and each moment is a joy, even when it’s not, it’s still special,… full of potential, full of grace, full of love.

You are not alone…

I expect that there are many who are walking a similar path. Facing changes where the solidity of what seemed to be reliable is falling apart. If this process is difficult and frustrating, then this is indicating that there is an identification to the ego. Trying to control and assert itself.

Connect with what is real in you, without fighting, without resistance.

This is an opportunity to be completely present. Invite the changes with openness and even a feeling of warmth ( if you can, I know this is an ask! ) but try it.

Connect with what is real in you, without fighting, without resistance and you may just find yourself walking in a new space. Invite life to manifest through you. Manifest consciousness, as Eckhart would probably say.

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