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Intensive Dyad Day: Online Self Discovery Workshop



Intensive Dyad Day: Self Discovery workshop

Inspired by the Enlightenment Intensive process

Sun 12th of January 2025 | 09.00am – 3.30pm (CET)


“Have you ever wondered who you are without all your stories? What is your Essential Nature? And what is your authentic purpose?”

Join me on a wonderful journey of self discovery and connect closer to your Authentic Self. We are bringing you a unique 1 day workshop based on the famous Enlightenment Intensive process. Through Zen Self Enquiry, Movement, Detox, Meditation and practical exercises you will focus on reconnecting to your Essential Nature, the source of your inspiration, creativity and intuition… your inner home.

Use this opportunity to dive deeper and flower in a safe and supporting space. I very much looking forward to welcoming you there!

With love, Peter



Workshop Details

This interactive workshop is based on the extraordinary Enlightenment Intensive process. 

The core of this event is the self enquiry technique called a Dyad*, where you focus on contemplating one question: “Who Am I?”

There will be group sessions (such as guided meditations, sharing circle) as well as individual self enquiry exercises (practiced in pairs with other course members). You will also have the opportunity to express and ground your insights with creative expression exercises. Part of the process is a recommended detox diet 3 days prior to the course (you will be provided with details via email).

These elements work together to help you to clarify your self understanding, assisting in breaking through limitations and elevating your sense of wellbeing.

We’ll send you an additional email with pre-workshop preparation instructions, including detox guidance, prior to the event. Please, read it carefully and check you’ve received the email.

*Dyad = a specific self enquiry and self discovery technique, with two people, using a Zen koan. This is a question that cannot be answered by the mind.


Who is this workshop for?

Everyone is welcome to participate. This workshop is suitable to beginners as well as for people with experience from Enlightenment Intensives and Dyads.

 ! Important: You don’t need to have a partner in order to attend this workshop and to create a dyad. You will be working in pairs with other participants.

Workshop Schedule

09:00 Introduction & Guided Meditation

09:55 Break

10:00 Dyad (Self Enquiry)

10:45 Break

10:50 Dyad (Self Enquiry)

11:35 Break

11:40 Movement Contemplation

12:00 Dyad (Self Enquiry)

12:35 Lunch Contemplation *

13:05 Dyad (Self Enquiry)

13:50 Break

13:55 Creative Session

14:10 Dyad

14:55 Break

15:00 Closing Circle

15:30 End

*Have a light lunch prepared + plus plenty of herbal tea (preferably) or water to drink.


Practical Info

  • Please, make sure you’ll not be disturbed during the workshop. It is a good idea to imagine yourself in a real ‘retreat’ and dedicate this day only to yourself and your journey. Trust us, you’ll appreciate it as well as your fellow participants.
  • Please, prepare your lunch in advance, as there is a limited time for the lunch break. We recommend a light healthy meal to support the process. Make sure you have plenty of fluid (water) always available. A nice herbal or detox tea is a good idea too!
  • Wear comfortable clothes and secure a comfortable quiet space – “create your nest”, maybe dim the lights and/or some candles, favourite diffusers or gentle calming music.
  • For the second part of the workshop, make sure you have handy your coloured pencils or felt tip pens and paper (for the creative exercise).
  • The retreat will be held on Zoom. Please, make sure you have a sufficient and stable internet connection and we recommend to use a laptop or desktop computer (on occasion some phones or tablets are not supported by Zoom. Please check in advance).
  • Please, be on time.


Your Guide

Peter Harper

Peter is an experienced spiritual guide with more than 35 years of experience in self discovery and spiritual guidance. He divides his time hosting Meditation and Self Awareness Retreats and Workshops in Europe and creating Guided Meditation and Conscious Music recordings.

Peter is the founder of The Drunken Monk project connecting spirituality with daily life, using tools such as guided meditation recordings, Enlightenment Intensive process, Self Awareness retreats and workshops.

“Above the clouds of the mind, there is a clear blue sky. I will meet you there…” Peter


Registration, Tickets, Detox Instructions

To secure your spot, please, click on BOOK NOW. You will be re-directed to EventBrite page, where you can complete your booking. After the registration process, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a ZOOM LINK and a downloadable BROCHURE.

We’ll also send you an additional email with pre workshop preparation instructions (including the detox guidance prior the event) 3 days before the event starts. Please, read it carefully.

In case you don’t find your emails, please, reach out to us via info@the-drunkenmonk.com.



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Safety & Privacy Disclaimer

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