Couple days ago me and Hayku were about to drive on a long trip (around 900 km)🛣️ . I was nervous about it and a friend of mine suggested that I should ask for protection from ‘up there’.

Well, even though I am usually a bit sceptical about these things, if you are anxious, any little help counts, right? 

So before we departed, I sent a little prayer ‘up there’.🙏

The journey was smooth until I was randomly stopped at the Swiss borders.🛑 The policeman asked for papers and … Surprise surprise .. he informed me that my driver’s licence has been expired! For almost 2 years! (Yep, I completely forgot to check🤦).

So, I had to go to the station and he told me that I may not be able to drive and would have to leave the car there/ or, if lucky, I would continue but pay an incredible fine (around 1000 CHF 😱). But that he has to call another police, as he can’t resolve it for me.

While waiting for the new police to come and sweating in the waiting room🥵, I remembered my little pray from this morning…

“So that’s the smooth trip, eh, ‘guys’ “ I had to laugh sarcastically. 

… “No, these things apparently don’t work… “

After a discussion with another two policemen with no result, they finally called the right one, who was entitled to deal with my “case”.

And (ladies), what a man! 😍 Kind, strong, but gentle and moreover, incredibly handsome!🤍 He was super helpful, he resolved the situation and let me pass (even without a fine!) – of course, upon a promise that I will renew my licence first thing after I arrive home. Which I did! 🙋👍

While leaving the borders station, I again looked ‘up’. This time without any sarcasm but with a little smile and lots of gratitude.

✨ Maybe…? ✨

Have a wonderful day everyone!
(And check your drivers licence 😅)

With love, Vero

❕👉 Oh and before you go, if you have some experience of this kind, please, share! So curious to read these stories! 😍🤗

Is it ‘just’ a good luck? Or something ‘higher’?


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