In this part 2 of our interview with Enlightenment Intensive facilitator Peter Harper and Mia Jafari from we continue our focus on the difference between resignation and surrender, listening with an open heart and how we can attract the kind of energy that heightens our potential and gives us the expansion for growth.

Mia –  During the Enlightenment intensive at the Mandali Retreat Center, I realized that energy is fluid, forever evolving as it flows through us. With energy being so flexible, how can we direct our energy to where it serves us best?

Peter – Where energy serves us best is in the nourishment of our needs. These can be as obvious as air, food, water, as well as emotional and spiritual fulfilment. It is our intrinsic nature to find satisfaction in our life. Energy follows intention; so the first step is to be clear how we wish to direct our energy. This can be into projects, people, travelling and creating a life where we feel safe, abundant and healthy. So a clear intention is essential. When the intention is driven by a passion, a natural enthusiasm is most likely coming from the heart. When energy flows from the heart, there is love, empathy and a sense of divine inspiration. It may even be that you find yourself ‘working’ yet it will have a feeling of purpose, joy and your energy levels will be higher than if you were simply working a job just to pay the bills. Observe, connect with your desires, your passions, direct your energy from the heart and be patient…those are the keys.

Mia –  In part 1 of this blog post we spoke briefly about the difference between surrendering and resignation.  Whilst surrender usually has a negative meaning, it is not about giving up. You describe surrendering like floating on water, allowing the water to carry your weight, knowing that you are fully supported and safe as you let go. It is the opposite of resignation which is the feeling of giving up and sinking.  How can we use the tools in the Enlightenment intensive to turn our feelings of resignation to one of surrender?

Peter – It is exactly, as you said: resignation is a feeling of giving up or not having hope and being emotional about it. Surrender is similar in the quality of non-doing but it has a quality of lightness. Mentally trying to change resignation into surrender will not work, it will become a mind trip. What you can do is to become more rooted in your Self-identity. I like to call it strengthening the silent muscles. 

Once you connect with your inner Self, then surrender will come naturally through the door of acceptance. My partner made a beautiful observation to express the difference. We resign ´from´ an external situation. We surrender ´to’ the moment in all its aspects. Resignation is an emotional reaction. Surrender is a state of expansion, opening into an inner space of awareness. There is a coolness about it.

Be careful not to jump into the common spiritual trap to accept / agree to everything that is happening and how other people behave. Healthy acceptance doesn’t mean I become a doormat. Acceptance is a feeling of a relaxed non resistance while establishing healthy boundaries. 

So, exercise your silent muscles. You can do this through meditation and on a daily basis with the practice of presence. This means taking your attention away from the grip of thinking and placing it into your body, your breath or just listening to sounds. The Enlightenment Intensive process is very efficient in connecting with the Self. Once you deepen the connection with your Essential Self, then surrender will come naturally.

Mia –  Recently I was working with someone that was very toxic and manipulating and I decided to leave that environment rather than deal with them. We cannot always do this in our social and professional lives where our relations with certain people leave us deflated and depleted of our life force energy. What can we do in these situations to protect ourselves whilst also maintaining a strong supporting relationship with others?…

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