I have to start with saying how moved I’ve been by the tremendous love and support for the Peace & Grounding Meditations. I know how important it is to be able to do something to help ease the pain that is being inflicted on the people caught up in the insanity of War. So many other things in my daily life have taken a back seat as I focus on the question, “What else can I do to bring peace to the Ukraine and to every human Being?” 

I’m sure it’s a question that is alive in many of you. Whether it’s joining an NGO, donating money or stuff  and sending love through a meditation, one thing essential in serving is to first take care of your self. That means connecting to your feelings and keeping your energy system clear. So important! To observe and understand the part of you that is perhaps angry, frustrated, enraged, sad, lonely, afraid…

Here are some essentials how to process these intense emotions:


Connect to those feelings. Find a safe space where you won’t be disturbed and just ‘be with yourself’. Listen to them, pay attention to your body signals, acknowledge them, allow yourself to feel them. You can use a meditation, breathwork, or any method which helps you to truly connect with yourself.


Once you have a deep connection with your feeling and after you gave it a space to manifest, simply, ask that feeling, ‘What does it need?’


Stay open to whatsoever arises. It might be a word, a picture, another sensation… Without judging, allow space for your deeper need to manifest.


After you connect with your deeper need, you can take action to help yourself to fulfill this need. Remember here that you don’t have to come with big immediate solutions or make huge changes – instead, focus on little steps, little improvements.


By focusing on small realistic steps and things you CAN DO in this very moment (rather than huge changes which feel stressing and ‘too much’), you will feel empowered to continue putting into action more and more steps towards fulfilling your need.

Take care of yourself. Stay connected to others. Feel spacious in your heart and free in your mind and most of all stay grounded in presence. You may find yourself moving forward with strength and certainty. 

With Love, 



Please, remember that we are here to support you too. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to join the session or to reach out!

*We hold free guided meditations on Instagram in these days, to help you to get grounded and to release the anxiety. Anyone can join us live on Instagram or watch from recording on IG, YouTube and Web.

*We are offering donation based counselling now. You can reach out via email connect@thedrunkenmonk.org

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