If you haven’t met him yet, Cian is a senior monitor of the Enlightenment Intensive process. So, this is him in his authentic Self… about the direct experience of the Enlightenment Intensive process, some insights about social and spiritual conditioning and his point of view on so called “spiritual teachers” . Controversial? Maybe! For us definitely honest and courageous. We hope you will enjoy reading it as we did. And Thank you, Cian!

Peter & Veronika

☼ inner diary #1 ☼ Cian O Reilly

“Tell me who you are” – In the mountaintops of Northern Italy, buried in the clouds above a lake valley, we each give and receive this invitation around 140 times over 3 days, creating LOTS of space for the most REAL answer to come.

It opened my heart so profoundly to receive this invitation …

… the real world?

From a young age we’re told who and what we are. We’re told what’s expected of us, told whether we’re good or bad based on whether we do those things and told whether we’re smart or stupid based on our ability to do them, regardless of whether we give a damn about them or not.

We finally get to choose – from a multiple choice list – what we want to “do” when we grow up and become real people; who “do” things that contribute to a never-ever-questioned machine called “the real world”, and then we continue to be judged based on how well we adjust into said machine until we die, at which point some dude who never knew us tells a bunch of people who and what we were.

A thing called a “spiritual teacher”…

Maybe, in very rare exceptional circumstances at some point in all this, if you get a strange itch and want to look deeper underneath your own skin, you may go to a thing called a “spiritual teacher”.

This person tells you a different story of what you are, along with your own self-hypnosis program to help you to believe it and then they tell you whether you’re good or bad based on how well you do at that.

You expect this to make you happy, but because of all the time and/or money you’ve spent on your re-hypnosis program you can’t let on that it’s failed abysmally and you still feel like the same old schmuck as ever, so you adopt a clever new spiritual persona with all the right facebook and instagram updates to convince OTHER people that it’s worked.

So you’re happily blissed out in some heavenly realm, which by this stage you can easily convince yourself of because you’ve been so conditioned to believe it’s what you DO and how well you fit into the mold that matters and have never ever ever ever been authentically invited to welcome the bare openness of WHO YOU ARE!

What if you are asked…

A new spiritual culture for those who wish to do the deepest possible inner work, but instead of being told who and what you are, told what your practice is, told how you should behave, told to whom you should bow, told what whacky traditions to follow, told what to eat, told how to dress, told what reality is supposed to feel like once you’re done …

What if you are asked; Who are you? What are you? What’s alive in you now?

This simplest, purest possibility brings tears to my eyes every time, and turns on a light that goes all the way down into my marrow.

The practices I’ve fallen profoundly in love with over the years are the ones that add nothing and elicit everything from within.

The rather grandly named ‘Enlightenment Intensive’ is the retreat format I’ve described above, in which we invite one another to be whomever we seem to be in each moment.

And innerdance, the insanely radical practice of seeing what happens when you allow your body complete and utter freedom to do whatever the heck it wants.

There’s NO wise guru!

Do they sound ridiculous or what?! There’s NO wise teachings! There’s NO wise guru! There’s NO complicated ancient techniques! There’s NO special holy literature!

And yet, and yet, and yet … it’s these practices that again and again crack open my sky and change all eternity from the inside out. Every. Single. Time.

Allowing your whole being to shine forth as itself. Unfiltered. To be your own sun.

Do you get a sense of the radical trust at work here?! It’s the craziest of all hypotheses; what if … just maybe … what we already are … is always already … IT!??! This is actually what all the spiritual traditions have been saying all along – in their mystic core, at least – but how many of them trust in what they propose to know enough to actually practice it?! If you know of more practices like this, let me know about them please.

Thus; a contemporary ‘monastery’. A place to recognise yourself AS purest shining truth. Allowing your whole being to shine forth as itself. Unfiltered. To be your own sun. Fully welcoming the inner aliveness of each individual without needing to buy into any fixed (i.e. dead), prescribed “reality”.

The way is here. It’s growing out of our hearts and guts. The dream is so very alive. Shall we dream it into being together?

Thinking about joining us on the beautiful ride of the Enlightenment Intensive?



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