1.07.2024 – 12.07.2024, 10x online guided meditations


Online Guided Meditations streamed directly from beautiful mountains. Through connection to nature, reconnect to Your inner home.


…. are the main pillars of this upcoming meditation course. We are fortunate to live in the stunning Italian Pre-Alps, and we would love to share this experience with you. Each online meditation will draw inspiration from our beautiful mountains, incorporating elements of nature to enhance your meditation journey.

We will be streaminglive guided sessions directly from the outdoors on the top of the mountain above Lake Orta. This season, the area is bursting with the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and the sounds of lively wildlife, creating an immersive natural backdrop for your meditative journey.

With his gentle guidance, Peter will lead you through practices such as mindfulness, energy movement, breathing exercises, and sensory awareness, using nature’s elements as anchors, allowing you to deepen your meditation practice and enhance your well-being. Through connection to nature, you will discover a new depth of connection to yourself.

Join us on this journey of serenity and self-discovery, and let the beauty of nature inspire and transform your meditation practice. Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner, this course offers a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself and the world around you in a truly profound way. We look forward to sharing this special experience with you!

With love, Peter & Vero


  • Nature’s Serenity: Enjoy live guided sessions streamed from the beautiful Italian Pre-Alps.
  • Deepen Self-Connection: Integrate nature’s elements into your practice to discover a deeper connection with yourself and the natural world.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Peter’s gentle instruction in mindfulness, energy movement, breathing exercises, and sensory awareness.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Reduce stress, increase focus, and cultivate inner peace with practices that improve your mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded people, share experiences, and build lasting connections in a supportive environment. After each session, if you wish, you can stay longer and join the open sharing circle, where you can ask a question, share your experience or just say ‘hi’ to your meditation buddies.

… and some good practical news:

  • Join LIVE or from Recordings: After each live stream we will send you a link to the recorded session, so even if you cannot always make it live, you won’t miss a thing!
  • !!! Don’t Miss: An extended time to watch the recordings even for 2 weeks after the course finishes. 🙂


In the morning our senses are open and our mind is still relatively silent, not cluttered with too many thoughts. It is like the nurturing soil waiting for the first seeds. Whatsoever we plant in our mind in the morning will be massively supported and developed by our unconscious and subconscious minds. Moreover, morning meditation will set you up positively so you will feel relaxed, focused and empowered for the whole day.


Course dates: 1 – 12/7, 2024

Daily morning sessions from Monday till Friday

Sessions time: from 7.00am CET / 06.00am UK time (1 session=45 min)

(same for both weeks)

* All sessions will be live (on Zoom). Each session will be recorded and sent to you after the live stream. You will be able to access all recordings anytime during the course + 2 weeks after the course finishes, so even if you cannot always make it live, you will not miss a thing!


Peter Harper

Peter is an experienced spiritual guide with 40 years experience in self discovery and spiritual guidance. He divides his time hosting Meditation and Self Awareness Retreats and Workshops in Europe and creating Guided Meditation and Conscious Music recordings.

Peter is the founder of The Drunken Monk project connecting spirituality with daily life, using tools such as guided meditation recordings, Enlightenment Intensive process, Self Awareness retreats and workshops.

“Above the clouds of the mind, there is a clear blue sky. I will meet you there…” Peter


To fully enjoy this event, we recommend to secure for each session:

  • a comfortable quiet space: “create your nest”, prepare cushions and blankets so you feel comfortable, maybe dim the lights and light some candles, favorite diffusers, gentle calming music. Wear comfortable clothes.

Please access your link to the zoom room 5 mins before so we are ready to start on time.


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* All sessions will be live (on Zoom). Each session will be recorded and sent to you after the live stream. You will be able to access all recordings anytime during the course + 2 week after the course finishes, so even if you cannot always make it live, you will not miss a thing!


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Pictures credits:

George Maddick IG @gmaddick, Veronika Kremen, Canva

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