I love winter, the crisp cold of the outside and, after a busy day, the quiet joy of being warm and cosy inside. Even nature rests in a deep hibernation waiting for the spring. So after a productive summer we are celebrating the stillness of this season by publishing this new website. Welcome! 

It seemed such a small task in the beginning … just a couple of pages to share some Conscious Music. Then things grew, were nurtured under the snow, in the silence and ideas are still growing quietly in the creative womb. So we start with a few steps to see how this baby grows. 

I’d love to say that this project has been easy, perfect with chocolate sprinkles but the truth is life is challenging and no-one is excluded from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. What I do know is that a problem shared is as good as solved. Connecting and sharing with one another is healing, it’s comforting to know that ‘I am not alone’ and there is a way to be satisfied, at peace and fulfilled and connected. It is said that the truth can never be expressed in words … but we can point to it, throw up a signpost and share some reassurance … that Yes, you are conscious, you are intrinsically one. 

I will be writing and publishing a lot of material over the coming seasons. About meditation, what I have found to be an accessible way into the present. ‘Who am I without my stories’. From there we will move into a deeper understanding of the challenges we all face in life. Work, how we express our creativity, Home, building a secure and safe space for ourselves and loved one. Money, our relationship with abundance. Health, being well and relationships. And just what is the Law of Attraction?

The end of one cycle is the start of a new beginning and the Drunken Monk is a new beginning for me, a new challenge, a brave step into 2019. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I wish for your peace, prosperity and joy for 2019.


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