Keep your feet on the ground!… you’ve already heard this, did you not? Especially in moments when you were about to abandon reality and fly into the land of sky castles. But there is even more wisdom in this sentence.

A Connection to the ground: rooting, earthing, grounding… it also means one of simplest, yet powerful techniques on how to center ourself. As Peter often says in his guidance: “Don’t miss the obvious!”

Do you get emotional? Stressed? Overloaded? Well, welcome to my world where I learned some useful techniques on how not to completely freak out! (and believe me, I can be an impressive “freaker” 🙂

How does it work

Grounding is a technique to reconnect yourself to your center and your life energy.

There are many explanations on how this process works. Some refer to the earth that has a “heavier” vibration which helps to rebalance ours. Some researchers speak about “electrical earth energy” which stabilises the bio-electricity in our body. Ancient nature traditions (like shamanism) speak about returning to the Mother Earth connection. There are many others. Pick the one which sounds true for you. I do not honestly have a favourite explanation, for me what is important, is that it works.

Once we place our attention on our connection to the Earth, we can literally absorb her quality of solid stability and security. Feeling this connection can help to keep us safe, focused, relaxed and even feeling  protected.

A star trio: Grounding, Breath and Visualisation

Grounding works really well together with the breath and visualisation. A combination of these three elements is being used in many re-balancing and re-centering body techniques and conscious movements.  

The breath is a powerful and simple way to help our body, emotions and mind flow and relax. Giving more attention especially to deep and relaxed exhales enhances the grounding process.

The visualisation is the ability to feel and see with your “inner sight”, in this case the connection with the Earth.

In the box below I describe my favourite grounding technique. You can find many opportunities in your daily life for grounding. Sport (walking or running), gardening or even cleaning the house can be great grounding tools. Just pay full attention to your breath and the feel of the earth.

Even a gardening can be a powerful way to grounding and rebalancing.

I like the technique below especially for its simplicity and easiness to do it anyplace, anytime. It works whether you practice it during your walk in nature or during a busy working day in between your meetings. Effective, quick and simple.

How to eat the whole elephant?

First, you don’t eat it, of course, poor elephant! 🙂 I am just borrowing this metaphor to explain how to practice. Getting used to grounding works the same way as practicing any meditation or sport. The more often you practice, the faster it becomes a habit which your body will start using automatically. Frequency is more important than the time spent. You don’t need to count how long you spend practicing, you just listen to your body and do it for as long as it’s pleasant.

Some proverb says: “How to eat the whole elephant? Piece by piece!” In the same way it works with practicing, … step by step. Be gentle with yourself, but at the same time support yourself with The loving discipline.

As in many techniques, there is this 21 days “rule”: whatever you do regularly for this period, your body will create a habit and less effort will be required each time.

So remember, whatsoever is going on, if you feel thoughts or emotionally overloaded,  or a stress wave is rising up to crash into you… stop for a moment.  Take a couple of breaths and ground yourself. And let us know, how did it work?

Grounding technique:
You can practice this anytime and anywhere, It can take as little as 1 minute. Barefoot is the best, but it’s not a must!


Step 1:
Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart and fully touching the ground. Relax your knees and hips. Close your eyes. Relax your shoulders, arms, let your head drop down, loosen your upper spine. Breathe.
Visualisation: You can imagine yourself  being like a tree. The roots are growing from your feet into the ground, connecting with the earth and even deeper.
Step 2: Take couple of slow releasing breaths. A deep relaxed Inhale through your nose, down into your belly. Deeply (but without pushing!) exhale, through your mouth through pursed lips in an ‘o” or “u” shape, like when you blow the seeds off a dandelion. With each exhale you relax your body a little bit more. Perceive the sensations without any judgement, be open.
Visualisation: with each exhale, imagine yourself to be rooted even more into the earth.
Step 3: Remain in this position, but return to normal breathing. Feel the connection to the ground, feel the energy flowing through your body. Keep your focus only on this. Nothing else is important right now. Listen. Feel. Be fully present. You are not just doing grounding, you literally BECOME the process itself.
Coming back: When you feel it is pleasant for you, you can very gently start moving your shoulders, arms, you can straighten your head open your eyes and stretch your body.
Tadaaaa! Done! Grounded, refreshed, re-charged…  and ready to step back into a life.

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