Whenever we get hit by crisis in life we may fall in the mind trap of allowing the situation to trigger stress and panic making it more difficult to see clearly and stay centred. The best place to work with crisis is by being totally present in the here and now, connected to the situation when necessary but from a place of centred clarity. The ‘present’ is where you are empowered and in this meditation, Peter shares some keys to finding your inner resource to face challenges by living from your Being. Here and Now!

✨Would you like to bring meditation into your daily life, to start or maintain your healthy routine,  revitalise your ‘silence muscles’ and reconnect to the peaceful sanctuary within you? Then come and join us on ‘A PATH TO SELF REALISATION’ (8th of February-6th of March):

4 weeks ~ 21 meditation sessions ~ regular morning/evening meditations (Mon-Fri) ~ Practice of Presence approach ~ thematic guidance towards Self Realisation  In each session Peter will guide you with his comforting voice, to explore various life themes to accompany you on this special journey. You will enhance your ability to be present, grounded, relaxed and empowered at any time, anywhere you are and with whatsoever you are doing. ✨

➡️ LAST EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE! For more info and tickets, please, use the link https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/online-meditation-course-a-path-to-self-realisation-tickets-135981011867

*All sessions will be Live and held on ZOOM with a 48 hours access to video recordings, so you’ll never miss a thing! 

You are very welcome to join our LIVE meditations by simply following @the.drunken.monk on IG. We stream LIVE every Thursday at 6pm (CET). For more our online events see banners in our IG account @the.drunken.monk .

We want to express our gratitude to @CarloQuaretta and Filippo from Pro Loco di Quarna Sopra and village #QuarnaSopra, for allowing us to use their charming space. 𝑮𝒓𝒂𝒛𝒊𝒆 ❤️!

P.S. if you enjoy our sessions, you can find our free full length meditations on @InsightTimer and @enlightenedmeditation app🙏

With love, Peter & Vero 🙏 .

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