Dear Tribe, 
I am greeting you from my working holidays in Greece. 🇬🇷

What a beautiful country! The sights, sounds and smells of the nature is captivating, … not to mention the food. Clean, simple fresh, the famous Mediterranean diet that is renowned for promoting a long and healthy life. Delicious!

When I first arrived I was taken aback by the loudness of the local crickets called cicadas. After a while I noticed that their song falls into a natural rhythm, as if they are trying to get into tune with each other.

All of a sudden they are making the same sound altogether, like an orchestra of maracas. It sounds amazing!

(* you can listen to it in the video bellow)

I found It to be a powerful way to move into stillness. Listening to their beat and then falling in tune with the moment when they come together in harmony… in the next moment flowing into the offbeat moments when they fall out of step.

I’ve learned a lot from these wee bugs.👇

It’s natural to flow in tune with life. And it is natural that from one moment to the next the rhythm might slip and fall out of tune with your own flow. By maintaining your patience and trust, you will watch that the beat changes and a new balance is restored.

Have a wonderful day and I will keep you posted about this Greece adventure! 💙


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