Let me share with you a glimpse of a nourishing sunrise practice in this 3 minute meditation. Enjoy the session and I will be thrilled to hear about your sunrise meditation experiences in the comments below. Let’s inspire each other to create a brighter day ahead! 🌞 🌿

P.S. A complete Sunrise meditation course will be part of our upcoming meditation app. Stay tuned!


* Enhanced Clarity: helps declutter your thoughts and sets the stage for a productive day ahead.

* Reduced Stress: a sense of calmness that keeps stress at bay and helps you stay centered throughout the day.

* Positive Vibes: sunrise meditation nurtures a positive mindset, making it easier to spread joy and kindness to everyone you meet.

* Natural Energy Boost: morning sun naturally energizes you, leaving you feeling vibrant and invigorated

* Serenity & Grounding: sense of inner peace that lasts all day long Set Intentions: harness the power of the dawn while setting positive intentions for the day✨

* Gratitude & Presence: watching the sunrise feels somehow magical and you may notice spontaneous waves of gratitude. Use this attitude for appreciating a new day, .. for being alive, here and now.🌟🌸


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