There are many challenges that we face in life. Why is that? Why does life frequently provoke us into a place of discomfort? Is there any conscious intelligent reason or purpose? And does it contribute somehow to our Awakening?

To answer these questions we need to enquire. To explore our moment to moment experience of  ‘Now’, to go deeply into the truth of it and to understand the mechanisms of our personality. Whew! Sounds heavy but really what’s the alternative?

Scott Peck starts his book, ‘A Road Less Travelled’, with the statement, “Life is hard, but when you accept it’s hard, it gets easy.” I love that! … and it’s true but if I want to go deeper into the truth of it I have to take the next step, and that is a real understanding of myself.

If you’re in and still reading, then you are most likely connected, in some form, with the question ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is the Truth?’ and are at least looking to find a way to find more genuine lasting peace, relaxation and harmony in your daily life. We all want that, right!?

How to find inner peace while facing challenges? Through a Real Understanding.

Mostly, while dealing with challenges, we are only using our mind. However, each issue can also trigger an emotional reaction, which is also connected with the reaction of our body… But what we often do with these sensations is that we shut down, as, naturally, we do not want to feel even more uncomfortable. So we can tend to repress this part of ourselves.

A real understanding means, that we allow ourselves to really see and even feel the challenge with an attitude of complete openness, non judgement and vulnerability.

The wonderful thing about observing is that the feelings will change, our mind becomes brighter and we can find a solution more easily.

That is the ‘work’ and it is not always easy. Until we directly look at what is happening inside we will not be able to transform it. By observing our internal process we have the chance to deeply understand it, and the wonderful thing about observing is that the feelings will change, our mind becomes brighter and we can find a solution more easily.

Allow yourself to really see and feel the challenge with an attitude of
complete openness and vulnerability.

So, if you want, you can give it a try. Find some calm and safe space for a couple minutes and really feel into the problem here and now. What’s happening in your mind? Observe. What about your emotions? Observe, live them, breath into them, hit the cushion, have a laugh or a cry, if you feel to. What about your body? What do you observe? And then, after a while, when the main emotional “wave” naturally passes, continue to observe. Just stay with it in the present moment.

The challenges provoke us to drop the mask and really look at what we are.

To sum up, by choosing to have a deeper insight into a situation, there will follow an understanding and a change to how we feel. There will be more clarity and a shift happens. It may even be that the life situation will change as well, but that’s not the point of the enquiry.

This Holistic approach brings a real understanding of our essential Self. To perceive what is there in me Now, in this moment, authentically and with my full attention. Put simply it works!

And why do the challenges exist? They make us look. They provoke us to drop the mask and really look at what we are, who we are and what is real.

As a support for grounding into the present moment, you can refer to the article The 5 STEPS INTO THE PRESENT. It is a wonderful start but to truly ‘get it’ there needs to be a direct experience of the essential quality that a life challenge is provoking. So stay with the enquiry! Try not to avoid it or run away from any discomfort that is there. Just observe, breath, relax.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off! So don’t settle for half measures.

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