I have found many rewards in having support in my practice. A nice space, sitting with others who are joining the silence or even just a space at home that is set up with a cushion, candles and some incense. But it doesn’t always work to have a schedule. Why is that? Silence is fickle. Sometimes it just arrives while sitting on the bus, having dinner, a moment while walking. It’s like the weather, a little unpredictable (remember the article 4 steps into the present).

What I have found to be the key to making it a more natural and available space is my intention. Energy follows intention, but in a relaxed way, not with a tension, just a gentle feeling of joy, a natural creative enthusiasm. If I intend to draw a picture then I probably make it manifest unless life throws a curved ball and knocks me on my ass. Then it may have to wait.

However, if I have the intention to be silent and sit down ‘trying’ to quiet the mind, more than likely I will just end up feeling frustrated. The mind cannot be forced into silence. Really annoying but there it is. It’s a paradox, the art of “non-doing doing”. I want to find peace and stillness but I cannot make it happen. Yet we can train. It’s like learning to swim. At first it seems awkward, clumsy but then it becomes natural and smooth. Something that flows without effort or thought, just a natural motion. Nice!

The Guided Meditation recordings just give a little spice to your intention. Whenever there is a break in your day, on the bus, a plane, during lunch or just resting at home, just pop on your headphones, kick back and listen.

Just the very act of listening is highly effective in that it naturally focuses our attention on the present. Listening to a beautiful piece of music or a guided meditation works to anchor the attention in the now. The steps described in the guidance are a reminder of what can grow to become a natural practice. Conscious competence, the learning phase develops to unconscious competence, the learnt phase. Like swimming, the intention becomes a natural flow, effortless and joyful. Nice!

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Inspired by Love, Grace and Creation.

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