Whenever I start to work with a new group I am faced with the uncertainty of how things will unfold. It can be daunting but rather than panic I have come to learn that each and every person is there already primed to work on and explore the issues they wish to resolve.

Whether or not the participants are fully aware of the details or just curious there is an issue of inner permission. “I am willing to change”. I see it as a longing, a commitment to grow, evolve and to Be. It can be difficult to articulate and is often just a feeling, a deep need to find peace, wholeness, love. Especially so when our modern lifestyle can be so demanding and seem to consume every moment of our day.

The seas of change can get stormy. It is a part of the voyage.

So we set sail with nothing but a compass and hoping that the winds of change will be favourable. I know from experience that often the seas of change can get stormy. I feel it when people start to hit the swamps as their personal issues rise to the surface and present themselves. It can be scary, emotional and tough.

..through calm spaces, through the storms, arriving together in tranquil waters.

As I guide them through the choppy waters I’m always touched as I emphasis with the discomfort and watch in admiration at their trust and courage to keep going. Their tears will trigger mine as I wait with empathy for the understanding and release to crystalise. The joy that comes from seeing them reach a calm and sunny place is deeply rewarding. Their faces start to shine, the eyes sparkle and a relaxed openness expands into their body.

The magic, though, is in the group energy field. Gradually the people, who were often complete strangers, share the atmosphere of travelling together through calm spaces, through the storms and arriving together in tranquil waters. I know now that we need the storms in order to be reborn into a new space, to deeply clean our hearts and mind so that we may be released from the past and be light and open to the present moment.

I am not alone… I am loved… I am valued… I am free.

Even though each person is experiencing their own personal challenges, we’re all in the same boat. Yet one by one hearts will open and like magic it spreads like fire from one person to another. It’s incredible to watch! When the storm has eased and the work has been done the group atmosphere transforms.

The group bonds deeply on a heart level. The last day of a group is filled with the wonderful lightness of Being and the sweet sadness of saying good bye that caresses the group and fills eyes with tears. I’m humbled and at the same time so grateful.

I get lifted and energized with the drive and determination that we can be together, share and cooperate to not only meet our own needs but to find a heart connection where we are inspired to share and prosper together in peace. To realize that we are connected, that we are one body living on one fragile Earth, that together we can make this World a paradise, for ourselves and for our children.

Live well,


“O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won”

Walt Whitman

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