Imagine yourself waking up in one of these first spring mornings. The nature is gently inviting you to join the miracle of a new day, a new life.  The Sun is rising and you’re slowly walking through the morning forest…

The leaves of the trees colored by fresh green are softly moving in the clear morning breeze.


The flowers around you, still sparkling from the morning dew, are slowly opening their blossoms.


The first rays of the sun are giving your face a warm caress.


You decide to sit down on a bank of a crystal clear stream. Close your eyes…


Be. Stay with the Present Moment.

And this is Meditation.


 We are happy to announce that the first single ‘A Waking Forest’, lifted from the forthcoming album ‘Listen’ has been released! You can listen to it on Spotify and all the usual digital services. Enjoy your meditation!

It’s a special track for me. It started when I was awoken at 4:30am while on an Enlightenment Intensive in Northern Germany, by the loudest dawn chorus I’ve ever heard! I have to say, at first I was the angry God! Still only two hours rest before a long 16 hours of ‘Who Am I!!?’ Knackered, that who I was … even slept through lunch!  So I spent the afternoon with my belly rumbling like thunder… heh hoh! The things we do for love.

So at the time, unable to go back to sleep I took out my portable recorder and placed it by the window. Later, when I had returned home, I listened back to the recording and noticed a beautiful bird call that I found out to be from a bird called the ‘Golden Orioles’, the herald of the light and colors of our lives. Beautiful!

With love,



We create our music in a heartbeat-friendly frequency and using Authentic sounds of the beautiful nature which surrounds us with the intention to bring the beauty of the authenticity into your meditation.

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And now… take a break, relax and enjoy the recording!

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