In this article, Peter is going to answer the question which was raised by one of the participants of the Enlightenment Intensive retreat just a couple days ago (click here to know more about this process). So Peter, WHY?

There’s still a deep and quiet peace, a background easiness, relaxed with a sparkling clarity. Each breath feels alive and full. What is this? This profound state of Being where each moment flows effortlessly into the next. A complete absence of tension.

There is no fear in this place, in this present moment, there is only a borderless presence, a gentle brush of energy on my cheek, like a wind from the flap of a butterflies wing. I feel the sacredness in all things, every breath, thought, touch, stillness, a divine presence in all things.

I can still function, work to do, people to see, but it’s all so much more gentle. A softness that is reflected in the people I meet.

The irony is… there’s nothing soft about doing an Intensive! Anyone who has sat through the three days of the process will testify to its beauty yet they will let you know you need a bit of grit in your soul. First days can be tough, as people start facing their patterns and programs … there is a lot going on… That’s where the role of the assistants and myself becomes so important. We need to stay present with people, focused and keeping the structure of the process. Maintaining a safe and secure space for every single person in room and holding it… no matter what.

day one: a jungle full of sharp teeth…

By the end of the first day I find myself facing a group of wild animals. Beautiful but with teeth and subtle looks that let me know they are not happy and would really like to hang me upside down over the balcony with my socks in my mouth. Fortunately, something holds them back. Probably the conditioning I’m encouraging them to break through. 🙂

day two: I’m ready to quit my job

As the process continues, it goes deeper. It becomes a real pressure cooker. These are the moments I (always!) tell myself, “.. this is the very last time that I ever do this process ever again, .. and I mean never ever !!!!”

I then start to play with the idea to pack up and earn a living selling coffee and Pastéis de Nata in Lisbon.

day three: the quiet tip-toe of Presence

I’m struck silent by the brightness of their faces, the shine in their eyes and a grounded ‘knowing’ that starts to fill the room.

Day three arrives. As the morning strolls towards the walking contemplation and a gorgeous break in the silent sunshine, there is a change in the energy field. By lunchtime there has arrived a tangible Presence. There’s a light and a relaxation in people. I’m struck silent by the brightness of their faces, the shine in their eyes and a grounded ‘knowing’ that gently starts to arrive.

“Who am I” becomes a direct knowing

There is a pure openness and authenticity to the question: “WHO AM I?” … and now there is a Presence that fills the room, a mysterious energy, warm, alive, angelic, so loving.

It melts into us and when we come together in a circle on the Integration day four, there is a noticeable and profound change in everyone. Myself and staff included! I’m moved to tears by the sharing. (Even now as I write I cannot help but feel a tear build in my eyes.) It’s a miracle and I have no idea what ‘it’ is. Let’s call it Grace.

… and colours are full and alive

I look in the eyes of the other and all I see is a divine glowing person, a sacredness, a beauty that transforms all it touches. The very placing of attention on a simple object makes it vibrant and alive. Everything is sacred, becomes radiant and beautiful. The colours are full and alive in a way no digital device can ever capture. Sounds are rich and deep, so full and the peace, such a deep peace, a connectedness with all life, with all hearts.

And when I look into the eyes of the group I see it in them, a knowing that we are all one heart, one family. The words are too small to hold it. It’s a miracle. This is why I do this, and why I will do it again and again and again.





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