Just a couple days to Christmas Eve. Roads and houses are blinking like crazy with coloured lights,  shopping centers are packed to the roof and we all are getting  neurotic ticks while expecting feasts of peace, love and calm.

Don’t take us wrong. Christmas can be a wonderful, romantic and nourishing time for many people and to those we wish all the best (we anyway suspect that most of you are kidding 🙂

But this article will be about the challenging parts of this period of time and comes with a “kit” of ideas on how to survive it all in one “peace”… I mean piece. We hope that while reading you will have as much of a laugh as we had while writing this!

According to our extended, scientifically and (unfortunately) also practical experiences, there are 3 very scary scenarios at Xmas time:

1) Xmas last minute shopping

2) Xmas in company

3) Xmas alone

Last Minute shopping :

a horror scene: … you suddenly remember that you’ve forgotten to buy one more present (or you just haven’t bought any at all)… you are heading with your car to the local shopping mall. The other cars, with mad and desperate future shoppers are trying to push you off the road and steal your spot in the never ending queue for a parking place…

Last minute shopping?! This no time for heroes, buddy. Grab first “could be OK” thing and run back to safety!

hmmm. We know. Last minute shopping feels like being slapped on the face with a wet fish. Our suggestions?

1. Do it online (until there is still a time)

2. If you don’t like online shopping, start shopping earlier than the others.

3. If you don’t start early, shop late and don’t complain.

4. If you cannot stop complaining, at least suffer silently and try not to stress out the other desperate shoppers (we will probably be some of them). 😀

Remember; this is not a time for heroes, this is not a time for perfection, and, as a stingy Mrs Monk learned this season, not for comparing where the same item is cheaper.

If you were hesitating until the last minute, don’t ask for miracles from yourself. Promise that the next time you will start earlier (even if you already don’t believe this) and buy the first “could be ok” thing that you find.

And… if something goes wrong under the tree, You can always remind your loved ones, that there is a proverb saying that …”the greatest gift you can give is your presence …”

They will definitely appreciate it before they throw the Xmas soup over your head. 😀

XMAS in company

“Stay with the people who really nourish you.” … they say.

Sorry, but whose family does not suck sometimes (and very often especially around Xmas)? And whose friends sometimes don’t behave like assholes? If we would take this sentence literally, most of us could probably stay locked home alone.

Rule 1; avoid genuine assholes!

We don’t say that you should sacrifice your integrity for the sake of other peoples expectations (= please, feel free to avoid genuine assholes ).

It’s about not putting yourself into an inner conflict between what the sentence “Stay with the people who really nourish you” preaches and, “the actual availability and existence of these perfect souls.”

So, if you are going to see your close people this Xmas, remember that they don’t always have to be the most loved ones… it is enough that they are not currently the most hated ones! 🙂

XMAS alone

uiiii…uiiii… a sad violin sounds over the imagination of you sitting alone under a Christmas tree trying to figure out how it happened that you are left alone this year?…

Keep it calm, buddy. I can understand that it can throw you into a pessimistic mood,  cause you think everyone else is with someone and only you are alone. And you know what? There’s another million people that feel exactly like you, because they are also spending Xmas alone. It is much more common then you imagine, we just get pressured by the examples on TV and social media of “how it should be”.

Moreover, this year it’s like this, the next year you may find yourself completely busy with 10 people around your Xmas tree driving you nuts. So… why not to enjoy the peacefulness of this year while it lasts? 🙂

And what to do? Imagine “an empty canvas”. It’s just waiting for you. What would you “paint”?

Watching your favourite movies? Giving yourself a treat with great food? Take a long bath with the biggest bubbles? (it is possible to do all of three together, … proved by Mrs Monk! 😉

Or going deeper, do a little contemplation,  give space to allow yourself to feel how you really feel, do some yoga, meditation, or just do NOTHING… it’s a never ending list, this time is completely yours!

And if you find yourself feeling sad times to time, there is no point in pretending happiness. You don’t need to convince yourself that you are in an ideal situation, if you don’t feel it so.

It’s OK to be in touch with the emotions – but there is no need to get stuck in a negative tunnel vision.

Authenticity is the key. Allowing emotions to be felt is essential.

What we are trying to reminder by this article is not to get stuck in tunnel vision – there might be negatives of being alone on Xmas… but there can be many positives!

For example,  can you imagine, how many guys from option 2 (Christmas with company) will envy you?? Especially if they did not follow our guidelines and are spending Xmas with numpties!!!:-D

However you spend your Xmas, we would recommend to find a couple of minutes for your daily meditation and conscious movement routine. You know… it’s like a recharge. We prepared a new Binaural Guided Meditation for you, which might be especially useful in this period of time. We hope you will enjoy it!

“Who am I” guided meditation

Be well, stay warm,

with love Peter & Veronika

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