Walking home from the office the other day and looking over Lago D’Orta I noticed there is a new stillness. I could hear every bird call. The sky, clear blue with a noticeable absence of airplanes and the long white trails that usually paint the sky. And the silence!

I was admiring the beauty of the nature around, blossoming with no disturbance from humans. Nature is recovering as a paradoxical result of these crazy days when we humans are worried and locked in our homes.

There is an unprecedented air of compassion and warmth.

Later on in the Monk cave, while working online and on social media, I noticed one more paradox. People are more open these days. Even with all our restrictions and lock downs, when for some of us the only connection with other humans is a virtual one… somehow it seems that we have became closer to each other.

Humour is necessary!
Rimbamband: Vademecum contro il Coronavirus in salsa Rimbamband (youtube)

People are cheering each other up with humour, singing to each other from balconies and connecting online with each other in a more caring and loving way. There is an unprecedented air of compassion and warmth.

Your tribe

So me and Mrs Monk decided to contribute to this warm wave and set up a live meditation broadcast on Instagram. On the day of the Spring Equinox we sat with a group of over 50 (!) fellow meditators from all over the World (you can see the recording of the meditation here). I still feel moved, inspired and most of all more deeply connected to others.

So often after a workshop I’ll advise people, “Find your tribe folks!… The one that nourishes and cares about you.” With all this enforced isolation I am really starting to feel the importance of that advice.

Even though we are mostly connected virtually in these days, I sense this emerging community. Where could this grow? Maybe into a connected community that can create new ways to work together. Does this resonate with you?


I’d like to share an example of how this is already happening. A good friend of mine Joao Nascimento explained to me how he had an idea to build an Open Source ventilator for patients using 3D printers. He noticed there was a shortage so he reached out to a couple of people online and started to enquire how this could be done (see more or join Project Open air here).

And example of compassion and caring

Last I heard there was 2000 people engaged worldwide in his online Slack room. It went global in 24 hours. Joao has a new full time job! He’s been in the press, on TV talking about this incredible project! How cool!!! …. I’m so proud of him and inspired.

We can do this, we can change things. And it does not have to be such breaking new ideas as it was the Joaos! It is perfect enough to start from the essentials ….

The really ‘normal’

Being a good parent to yourselves is the most important start… if not now when, right? Giving ourselves a constructive routine in these days when our schedules are in mess, connecting with people online, joining a virtual tribe and sharing! I know that a lot of people are being touched by whats happening around now. For me it is in these vulnerable moments that we need to reach out and to stay focused on what is in front of us right now. It builds a sense of being safe!

If you need, here is always someone to talk to…

In these times when we cannot go back to the old ‘normal’ … let’s move towards a healthy balanced and nourishing life style with more harmony between us and in cooperation with Mother Earth, our home…. That is what is truly normal.

So, if you feel like, join the tribe, add into your daily routine a live meditation with us, share, write… You are not alone. We all are in this together. And if you need, there is always someone at Monks place to talk to…

Much love,

Peter and Veronika

This is a recording of the live broadcast. Join the next meditation LIVE on IG Sunday 22nd at 17 CET. Instagram -> @the.drunken.monk

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