Clearing karma comes from the intention to no longer invest your energy in the mental & emotional patterns that no longer serve you. Here is a simple yet effective approach to clearing the past by deciding to step into the aliveness of this moment. Enjoy todays meditation! With Love, Peter

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Wisdom of the Masters (9/1 – 3/2, online)

20 Day Online Guided Meditation Course with the most beautiful quotes and poems to bring inspiration, light and joy to your new beginning. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER NOW AVAILABLE!

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Enlightenment Intensive Retreat (26-31/3, Mandali Retreat Center)

Have you ever wondered Who you are without all your ‘stories’? What is your Essential Nature? And what is your authentic purpose? Join us and embody the lasting sense of Who You Truly Are! – Guided Meditations ~ Ancient Zen Techniques ~ Self Enquiry ~ Conscious Movement ~ Holistic Detox.

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