Todays session has been created to support you in times when you feel like your life is changing. The meditation narrative has been inspired by the words of Bea from @theguidedword.

She simply, yet so profoundly describes how holding onto the past or being afraid of the future will hold us back from finding the joyful and enriching flow of the present. 

Enjoy todays session and riding a fresh wave! 

Warm gratitude goes out to Bea for her inspiring words. 

“You leak a lot of energy resisting the current of life. If you surrender, you’ll get where you need to go and it’ll be a lot less painful. Looking back at the shore means you’ll miss the wave in front of you, and it can blow up in your face. If you stand still and resist the wave instead of riding it, you’ll end up with a mouth and earful of salt water.” – Bea | @theguidedword

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And now… take a break, relax and enjoy the recording!

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