“… and then you meet it. Like a slipping into a hot bath… like a tender touch softly landing on your hands… a profound breath of freedom. 

Waiting in the gaps between the words. The Present Moment.”

Music as an anchor

Have you noticed how different music will trigger memories, moods, states of Being? I love being in the kitchen cooking it up with Mrs Monk … dinner that is, while playing some beats or shaking heads to AC/DC. Great fun! Driving, traveling, that’s another vibe… more...

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Video: About my approach

It's not a fancy philosophy, a religion or some special concept... it's something we all do naturally. We just do not pay any attention to it! Peter Harper, the founder of The Drunken Monk, describes the core of his approach to self awareness. Enjoy the watching!...

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February silent blues

There’s a thick blanket of snow all around and I’m feeling a quiet melancholy. It’s a soft stillness that often comes after an intensive period of working in the studio and in Mandali with two groups in a row. ‘Holding the Space’ they call it … I call it ‘Holding it...

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